Simple Mom Morning Routine: Start Your Day The Right Way

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Saskia Friedrich

A mom morning routine. Whether you’re a parent or not, you need routines, there’s no doubt about it.

However, especially as moms, we have a ton of things going on in our lives. You hardly have time for yourself anymore and you need to somehow stay on top of everything.

And what’s better than starting your day all organized and relaxed so you can have a successful and productive week?

Are you looking for an easy-to-follow morning routine for moms because right now everything is so chaotic for you in the morning?

Do you get woken up by your little ones, then rush around trying to feed them and get them ready while you haven’t even managed to go to the toilet yet?

I know exactly how you’re feeling! THIS WAS ME before I set up an organized working mom routine for myself.

Since having a morning routine in place, I feel so much happier and I start my day refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

Hang around and check out my morning routine checklist so you can set up a productive and energizing mom morning routine too and leave the stressful days behind.

Simple Morning Routine For Moms

  • 1. Your Morning Routine Starts The Night Before
  • 2. Set Your Alarm 1 Hour Before Your Family Wakes Up
  • 3. Attend To Your Basic Needs
  • 4. Practice Self-Care
  • 5. Have a Shower and Get Dressed
  • 6. Review Your Schedule
  • 7. Make Your Bed
  • 8. Stay Away From Social Media
  • 9. My Bonus
mom morning routine with baby

Mom Morning Routine: Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-from-home mom, or leaving the house for work, having a mommy morning routine for kids as well as yourself is a MUST if you want your life to be less stressful and have more time to yourself.

It doesn’t have to be one of those fancy morning routines for working moms, just a little routine checklist that works for you. Feel free to adjust the below to your schedule.

Here’s how you can get the most out of a moms morning routine:

1. Your Morning Routine Starts the Night Before

If you don’t plan on how you want to start your day, you will:

  • Wake up too late and fall back into your usual habits
  • Press the snooze button 5 times because you have no motivation to get up
  • Waste too much time in the morning thinking about what to do first
  • Run out of time and feel frustrated
  • Sleep too long feeling overtired

That’s why your mom morning routine should start the night before.

Sit down and think about how your ideal morning would look like. What do you need to prepare and how can you make it happen?

  • What time do I need to wake up the kids?
  • How long does it take me to get myself ready?
  • What do I need to prepare for the day? Lunches, backpacks, etc.

Things You Can Do The Night Before

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. Here’s a few tasks I do in the evening to make my mornings easier:

  • Set the breakfast table
  • Clear the kitchen & fill up the kettle with fresh water
  • Get mine and my daughter’s clothes ready

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mom morning routine

Make Your Mom Morning Routine Better With Some Night Inspiration

Enjoying a good evening routine and having a better night’s sleep will make it easier for you to be refreshed in the morning. Check out these helpful articles:

2. Set Your Alarm 1 Hour Before Your Kids Wake Up

Why on earth would you lose out on an hour of sleep? Everybody keeps telling you how important sleep is for your physical health.

Especially if you’re a night owl, it’s hard to change things around like going to bed earlier and getting up that hour earlier instead.

A morning routine is the foundation of your day. If you wake up in a bad mood and rush to get everyone including yourself ready, the stress will most likely follow you through the day and the whole week.

If you want to start the day YOUR way and have enough time for what you have planned, it’s best to get up 1 hour before your kids usually wake up.

You might want to start by setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier and then increasing it to 45 minutes. See how many more things you can get done and the difference it makes to your mom life.

Mom Morning Routine Quotes

Changing your routine (or setting one up) is hard, but so worth it!

Check out these motivational quotes so you find it easier getting up in the morning and experiencing a relaxed mom morning routine.

3. Attend To Your Basic Needs

  • Hydration
  • Lots of Vitamin C
  • Good alternative to drinks containing sugar
  • May help with weight loss
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps prevent kidney stones
mommy morning routine

4. Practice Self-Care

Doing a bit of self-care in the morning is my absolute favorite and doing so sets a positive tone for the day.

As a mom, it’s hard to find time for yourself and the activities you like, so practicing self-care first thing as part of your mom morning routine at home is a good way to not forget about your needs.

It’s easy to loose yourself in motherhood and to not recognize what is important to you and your personal growth.

Self-care looks different to everyone, but here are a few ideas for you:

Personal Development & Self-Care Ideas For Moms

Check out the 8 areas of self-care to get some more inspiration of the activities that fall under self-care.

Journaling Inspiration:

mom morning routine

5. Have A Shower And Get Dressed

I don’t know about you but I hate walking around in my pajamas at home when everyone around me is dressed.

I feel like I’m 5 steps behind!

That’s why I highly encourage you to add this step to your mom morning routine checklist.

Get it done before your family wakes up. You will feel like you’re on top of the game (I hope you’re able to have a shower without waking anyone up)!

Even if you just stay at home for the day, having a shower and putting on some fresh clothes makes you feel 10 times better.

6. Review Your Schedule

Check your planner or bullet journal for the tasks, activities, and appointments you have to tackle today.

Maybe you need to shift things around, add, or remove something from your to-do list. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself with too many tasks.

Tomorrow is another day.

Reviewing your schedule mentally prepares you for what lies ahead.

7. Make Your Bed

Studies have shown that you are are more productive and organized during the day if you do your bed as a part of your morning routine. This article from CNBC says:

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.” Source:

This is so true by the way. I love opening the curtains and windows to let in some fresh air while I make the bed.

It feels good to get that done and then move on my other tasks.

personal development

8. Stay Away From Social Media

Your phone, social media in particular, (oh and your kids lol) is the biggest distraction when it comes to being productive and having an efficient working mom daily routine.

The thought of staying in your warm bed and checking your phone for messages/emails, and the latest news, is tempting – I know.

And sometimes you simply need your phone during your working mom morning routine, especially when it comes to getting prepared for the day, checking appointments, the weather, activities, etc.

However, I think, staying away from your phone as much as possible is the way to go. It’s way too easy to ‘quickly’ open up other apps and waste some precious time.

My Thoughts On Social Media

You have to remember that checking social media isn’t of any benefit to you. It’s all about other people’s lives.

Don’t devote your time to someone else first thing in the morning.

While you crawl through all your social media channels to make sure you haven’t missed anything, there’s 20 minutes gone that you won’t ever get back.

And after you finally get yourself to put your phone away, you feel tired again and want to go back to sleep.

Not only that, but you also feel mentally exhausted and frustrated. You see other people living their ‘best’ lives and there you are – another morning passed and you haven’t done anything for yourself before your kids wake up.

My Bonus For A Great Mom Morning Routine

9. Take The Saturday Morning To Yourself

On a Saturday I get up early too and do my exercise BUT I leave the house to do so. I choose a different activity every Saturday, like:

  • Swimming
  • Going to the gym
  • Going for a run with our dog
  • Having a coffee at my favorite coffee shop

Saturday and Sunday are the days my partner is home so I can leave it to him to get our daughter ready.

Having those couple of hours in the morning just to yourself and actually being able to leave the house is SO great.  

mom morning routine

Morning Routine For Mom Once The Kids Are Awake

Hopefully you can make it to this point and squeeze everything in before your family wakes up.

Your morning routine doesn’t stop just yet. Having done something for yourself first puts you in a good mood and you’ll be better at doing what comes next:

  • Getting your kids ready
  • Preparing lunches
  • A quick tidy-up of the kitchen
  • Doing a goodbye ritual before your family leaves the house
  • Commute to work or prepapre for work at home
  • Practicing a mindful commute with an audiobook, a podcast, or calming music

Benefits Of A Morning Routine For Working Moms

Now, I truly hope that this checklist gives you the inspiration to start a mom morning routine for yourself.

Being the creator of your day is such a powerful feeling. Don’t let others plan your day and dictate the way your day starts.

Having a morning routine for a working mom in place gives you the time and opportunity to be organized and refreshed (even you’re a stay-at-home mom).

If you don’t start your day with a morning routine, but instead get woken up by your kids, having to function at 100% straight away, you will soon feel exhausted (no matter how many hours of sleep you got).

A Good Early Morning Routine

The best thing about having a mommy morning routine in place is, that you look forward to the next day.

If you choose how you start your day, with the things you like, then it feels like you’re back in control.

During that hour in the morning, no one tells you what to do and you don’t feel obliged to please anybody but yourself.

morning routine checklist

Mom Morning Routines: Before You Go . . .

Take little steps first. Do one thing each morning to get into the habit of doing something for yourself and get used to it. Gradually, you can add some more and change things up.

On some days, your morning routine won’t work when your little ones are sick or something else gets in the way.

That’s ok, don’t worry too much about it.

As long as you do something for yourself on a consistent basis and even if it’s just for 15 minutes, it will be a total game-changer.

Want to take your morning routine to the next level? Check out the miracle morning routine!

If you need some more inspiration on what self-care activities you could do in the morning, read on here:

FAQs to Mom Morning Routine

What Time Should A Working Mom Wake Up?

Are you wondering – what time should a working mom wake up? Working moms should wake up around 1 hour before their family does. This is so you have enough time to get ready, prepare for the day, and practice some self- care.

Does Waking Up At 5 AM Work?

So, does waking up at 5 a.m. work and make you more successful? It certainly does. In my experience, I am proud of myself for getting up that early and I feel motivated to get more tasks done. I am organized and prepared for whatever comes my way.

Best Mommy Morning Routine

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