85 Autumn Self Care Tips: How To Take Care This Season

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Are you looking for autumn self-care tips that will leave you feeling cozy and replenished mentally? 

As the days grow shorter and the nights become cooler, it’s time to switch gears into autumn mode.

And with the season of change comes a great opportunity for self-care – taking some extra time to nurture yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically! 

That’s why I’ve rounded up over eighty best ways to take care of yourself during the fall season.

*Spoiler alert – autumn self care tips can help you avoid seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues as it’s more commonly known! 

85 Autumn Self Care Ideas For You

  • 1. Start a gratitude journal
  • 2. Practice meditation
  • 3. Take a break from social media
  • 4. Focus on your mental health (check out these self-compassion journal prompts)
  • 5. Focus on your physical health
  • 6. Make a new daily self-care routine
  • 7. Organize your fall clothes
  • 8. Make a vision board
  • 9. Read a good book
  • 10. Learn a new hobby or skill
  • 11. Enjoy a bubble bath
  • 12. Take a special shower routine
  • 13. Have a pajama day at home
  • 14. Host a spa day with friends
  • 15. Start an indoor herb garden
  • 16. Start a new good habit
  • 17. Use essential oils
  • 18. Light fall-scented candles
  • 19. Play some board games
  • 20. Have a movie marathon
  • 21. Do some seasonal baking
  • 22. Have a hot drink
  • 23. Get creative in the kitchen
  • 24. Decorate your home
  • 25. Declutter your home
  • 26. Go apple picking
  • 27. Visit a local pumpkin patch
  • 28. Enjoy the color of the autumn leaves
  • 29. Shop at your local farmer’s market
  • 30. Go stargazing
  • 31. Go camping
  • 32. Go to an autumn festival
  • 33. Set goals
  • 34. Start a journal with your favorite quotes
  • 35. Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time
  • 36. Make or buy a gift for a loved one
  • 37. Make your home environmentally-friendly
  • 38. Organize your finances
  • 39. Declutter your phone
  • 40. Listen to more music than usual
  • 41. Get more sleep
  • 42. Stop watching news

Start Tracking Your Mood

Track your mood month-by-month with this visualizing daily mood tracker so you can better understand how you feel every day.

Daily mood tracker

More Self Care Ideas For Fall

  • 43. Plan your next trip away
  • 44. Try out volunteering
  • 45. Sign up for a class or the gym
  • 46. Write a to-do list
  • 47. Go for a walk in the forest
  • 48. Organize your summer pictures
  • 49. Plan your Christmas activities
  • 50. Buy Christmas gifts
  • 51. Take pictures of the season
  • 52. Go to a Halloween party
  • 53. Carve a pumpkin
  • 54. Get yourself a raincoat and gumboots
  • 55. Do a puzzle
  • 56. Buy a new XXL blanket
  • 57. Donate something
  • 58. Wear a cozy fall outfit
  • 59. Rest on the couch with a hot water bottle
  • 60. Go to an Octoberfest
  • 61. Go to the library
  • 62. Go on a horse ride
  • 63. Do lama-trekking
  • 64. Pick chestnuts
  • 65. Listen to autumn-themed music
  • 66. Get some sun while you can
  • 67. Cook lots of soups
  • 68. Visit a pumpkin festival
  • 69. Go for a bike ride
  • 70. Book yourself into the hairdresser
  • 71. Go swimming at the indoor pools
  • 72. Go for a massage
  • 73. Host a themed dinner night
  • 74. Take your dog on long walks
  • 75. Plan your next year
  • 76. Learn a new way to brew coffee
  • 77. Be a tourist for one day
  • 78. Make a scrapbook full of leaves
  • 79. Find a new podcast to follow
  • 80. Set boundaries
  • 81. Visit a corn maze
  • 82. Go for a drive
  • 83. Paint your nails
  • 84. Dance through the house
  • 85. Combine autumn self care ideas

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Autumn Self Care For Your Mental Health

Practicing self-care is a great way to reset if you constantly feel:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Overtired
  • Plain stressed out

There will also likely be times throughout your life when you’re pouring so much of your energy into other things and people that you’re not filling your own cup.

That’s why it’s best to slow down and take some time for yourself this autumn season! 

Autumn Self Care At Home Or Out & About

In my experience, the best way to take care of yourself during the fall season is to embrace the season of change! 

Yes, the fall season brings with it cooler weather and fewer daylight hours – but that also presents a unique opportunity to enjoy things you may not be able to enjoy during the Spring or Summer months – like:

  • Cuddling up in warm blankets
  • Wearing those chunky cable-knit sweaters
  • Enjoying the crisp air

So, in honor of the fall season, here are over 80 self-care autumn ideas that are perfect for this time of year! Enjoy them.

80+ Autumn Self-Care Ideas To Take Care Of Yourself

No matter where you are on your self-care journey, these ideas will help you feel better instantly and make you enjoy the colder season of the year.

1. Start A Gratitude Journal

Have you ever heard of the winter blues? Well, in my experience, this can start as early as the fall when the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder. 

The winter blues mindset is fueled by negative thoughts and feelings, which can lead to more stress and anxiety.

That’s why starting a gratitude journal is one of the best self-care activities this autumn! 

Say goodbye to negative thoughts and instead express gratitude for the things in your life.

Whether big or small, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of things you can be thankful for in your life. 

2. Practice Meditation

Do you notice your thoughts wandering away from you during the colder months? It’s normal but not necessarily conducive to strengthening our mental health. 

Meditating is a great way to bring yourself back into focus and take a moment to breathe. The goal of meditation is to focus on your breath – that’s it! (Sounds pretty simple, right?)

Well, it kind of is but I recommend getting familiar with a few breath work exercises first. These will help you stay focused.

And if you find your thoughts wandering while you meditate, don’t get mad at yourself.

I meditate every day and it still happens to me occasionally. Here’s my tip: bring your thoughts back to the present moment and take a deep breath.

3. Take A Break From Social Media

Chances are, you’re already familiar with how addicting social media can be.

And even though social media is good for . . .

  • Connecting with family and friends
  • Learning new things
  • Being entertained

. . . it can also be a huge time sink and drain your energy if you’re not careful. 

Let’s not even get into how much social media makes us compare our lives to others, which is not good for our mental or emotional health. 

That’s why I recommend taking periodic breaks from social media throughout the fall season whenever you can! 

Whether for two hours before bed every night, on the weekends, or even for full weeks at a time (believe me, you won’t miss anything), the goal is to find a balance that works for you. 

And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, why not try a digital detox and disconnect from the internet entirely for a few days? 

4. Focus On Your Mental Health

In addition to the ideas mentioned above, there are a few other great ways to focus on your mental health during autumn to bring yourself more joy and personal fulfillment. 

1. Journaling

For starters, why not take up daily journaling? Not only does this give you a window into your thoughts and feelings, but it also allows you to

  • Problem-solve in a unique way
  • Get to the root of any anxieties or stress
  • Find creative solutions

I recommend using journal prompts for this. Check out these journal ideas for beginners to help get you started.

2. Rest

Next, make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. With less daylight come shorter days – which can make getting enough rest hard.

That’s why I recommend creating a consistent bedtime routine, so you can get enough rest and still have plenty of energy during the day. 

3. Switch Off

Finally, spend five or ten minutes daily doing absolutely nothing. No television, phone, internet – just you and your thoughts.

This gives you a chance to relax, recuperate, and re-center yourself. 

5. Focus On Your Physical Health

Taking care of your physical health is always a good use of your time.

Some health tips for fall:

  • Yoga (I always do the free videos on YouTube)
  • Hiking (reduces my stress & anxiety levels SO MUCH)
  • Taking vitamins and minerals

6. Make A New Daily Self-Care Routine

Is it just me, or does your skin change drastically during the colder months too?

The dry air can make your skin feel dry and itchy, so I always recommend adding more steps to your daily self-care routine during the fall season. 

One of the best fall self care tips you can do is to ensure you’re moisturizing your skin. Invest in a good face cream or body lotion, and make sure you use it every day during your morning routine or evening routine.

Also, don’t forget about your hair! During the colder months, I like to switch out my regular shampoo and conditioner for a more hydrating one (I use this hydrating hair kit)

7. Organize Your Fall Clothes

Fall is the perfect time to reorganize your wardrobe! 

I recommend sorting through your clothes and making a pile of the pieces you no longer wear. Once you have all those items sorted, consider donating them or having a clothing swap with friends or family. 

Next, determine which clothes are appropriate for the season – sweaters, scarves, and other warmer items should take precedence as we transition into colder weather.

I also like to tuck away my summer clothes in storage so they aren’t taking up space in my closet. 

Finally, efficiently organize everything so it’s easier to find things when you’re getting dressed in the mornings. This will save you time to focus on other fall self-care ideas in the morning. 

8. Make A Vision Board

Looking for some activities you can do on a cold day? Why not make yourself a new vision board

A vision board is a great way to represent all your long-term goals and dreams visually. This can be anything like:

  • Career aspirations
  • Travel destinations
  • Dream home
  • Ideal lifestyle
  • Meaning & purpose of life

A vision board reminds you of why you work so hard! 

To make one, all you need is some:

Once you have all those supplies ready, it’s just a matter of getting creative! If you don’t have the time to make one yourself, there are some beautiful vision boards online as well.

9. Read A Good Book

There’s no better way to relax during the fall season than with a good book. Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or inspirational literature – reading is an excellent way to take your mind off things and indulge in a great story! 

I love keeping a few books on my shelves that I can pick up whenever I feel stressed or need a break from reality. And since it’s so easy to find free eBooks online now, plenty of options are available for any budget. 

10. Learn A New Hobby or Skill

Do you have a hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Well, autumn is a great time to start! 

Not only is this a great way to keep your mind occupied and make the most of your time indoors, but it’s also an excellent way to build personal growth and satisfaction.

There are so many options available that you can choose from:

  • Cooking classes
  • Painting lessons
  • Woodworking workshops
  • Language courses (I love using Duolingo)

11. Enjoy A Bubble Bath

Truthfully, nothing beats taking a nice, hot bubble bath after a long, chilly day.

Not only is it incredibly relaxing and soothing for your body, but it’s also an excellent way to practice mindfulness. Plus, you can always add essential oils to take your experience up a notch! 

You could pair this autumn self-care activity with reading, listening to a personal development podcast, or writing in your journal. Whatever helps you relax and recharge is the right choice! 

12. Take A Special Shower Routine

Find some inspiration on how to take the ideal shower routine at night. Every time I take the time to have a ‘special’ shower, I go to bed more relaxed and have a better sleep and start into the next day.

13. Have A Pajama Day At Home

Remember when you were a kid and got to stay in your pajamas all day – how great that felt? Well, what’s stopping you from doing that every once in a while now?

Having a pajama day at home is a great way to allow yourself to take it slow and enjoy some much-needed self-care. From watching your favorite movies to playing board games with friends, this autumn self-care activity will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged! 

14. Host A Spa Day With Friends

Sometimes, the best way to practice self-care is with friends. And what better way to do that than by hosting a spa day? 

You can create your mini-spa right at home – all you need are:

Check out these 121 self-care Saturday ideas to get the most out of your weekend.

15. Start An Indoor Herb Garden

If you live in a colder climate, it’s always a little sad to say goodbye to your garden, if you have one. So why not start a little indoor herb garden

Not only is it a great way to get your hands dirty and have something to nurture during the colder months, but it’s also an excellent way to bring natural beauty into your home.

Growing herbs indoors means you can enjoy them year-round – from cooking delicious meals to adding flavorful ingredients to your smoothies! 

16. Start A New Good Habit

Autumn is the ideal time to get into new habits. No, seriously. 

As the kids return to school, your daily routine changes, and the holidays approach – why not make the most of it by starting a new good habit? It could be anything from spending more time in nature to getting up earlier every morning

17. Use Essential Oils

I recently started using essential oils for my autumn self-care and already noticed how my mood has improved. 

From lavender to eucalyptus, there are many different essential oils out there that can help with a variety of things. You can use them in an oil diffuser for aromatherapy or add a few drops to your bubble bath.

18. Light Fall-Scented Candles

Candles provide a wonderful ambiance and cozy atmosphere in any room – especially during the fall season! 

From pumpkin spice to apple cinnamon, many amazing scented candles will get you in the mood for autumn. 

autumn self care challenge

19. Play Some Board Games

If you don’t like board games, you can skip over this idea. Personally, I enjoy playing board games. Especially on cooler days with friends and family! 

It’s an excellent way to keep your mind sharp and improve problem-solving skills. Get ready for some autumn self-care fun! 

20. Have A Movie Marathon

Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies or action films, pick a few flicks you can enjoy with popcorn and spiced cider. 

I also enjoy having themed marathon movie nights. Everything from a Halloween movie marathon to a romantic comedy movie marathon goes! 

21. Do Some Seasonal Baking

During the fall, there are so many season treats you can enjoy. And sure, you could easily go to the store and buy them. But seriously, where’s the fun in that? 

Instead, bake your seasonal treats. Ideas include: 

  • Pumpkin pie
  • Apple pie
  • Strawberry rhubarb pie
  • Pecan pie
  • Pumpkin spice cookies
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Salted caramel brownies 

22. Have A Hot Drink

Do you have a favorite fall drink? Well, now you can enjoy it to the fullest! 

Whether you make them at home or treat yourself to one from your local coffee shop, having a warm drink in the fall is an excellent way to practice self-care. 

Try some of these seasonal favorites this year! 

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Apple Cider
  • Cinnamon Mocha 

23. Get Creative In The Kitchen

Fall is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen! You can try many different recipes, from hearty soups and stews to pasta and more. 

Put your spin on classic dishes, or experiment with whatever ingredients you have. You never know – you might come up with something delicious! 

24. Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home for the autumn season is another no-brainer way to practice self-care during the fall. 

Aside from making your home look festive and inviting, it can also help you relax and feel more at peace with yourself. 

  • Try a festive wreath on the door
  • Hang some fall-colored garlands around the windows
  • Add some artificial pumpkins scattered around your living room

25. Declutter Your Home

Have you ever noticed your mood change based on the amount of clutter in your home? It’s incredible how much of an effect our environment can have on us. That’s why decluttering is such an essential part of self-care. 

Related: 8 areas of self-care (environmental self-care is one of them)

Go through old items and get rid of anything you don’t need, find a home for anything you will keep, and donate anything you don’t want or need anymore. 

More Fall Self Care Ideas . . .

health tips for fall

26. Go Apple Picking

Not only is this an excellent way to get outside, but you can also enjoy this activity with friends or family, which is great for filling your cup. 

You can even use them for baking delicious seasonal pies or making homemade cider. 

27. Visit A Local Pumpkin Patch

Next up on the list of outdoor fall activities that are good for self-care is visiting your local pumpkin patch. 

You can take home a pumpkin or two for decorating, baking, or even carving—so many great possibilities. 

28. Enjoy The Color Of The Autumn Leaves

One of my favorite parts of the change of seasons is the fall foliage. There’s nothing like watching the green turn to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Taking a moment to express gratitude for the beauty of the fall foliage on your way home from work or school can help get you into the autumn spirit and provide a much-needed moment of self-care. 

29. Shop At Your Local Farmer’s Market

Skip the grocery stores and visit your local farmers market instead. Not only will this help you get into the fall spirit, but you’ll also support local farmers. So, it’s a win-win. 

You can even make a day of this and visit several markets in your area. Because not only will you find produce, but you’ll also likely find items like fall decorations, local honey, and even handmade crafts. 

It’s a great way to leave the house and practice self-care during the fall. 

30. Go Stargazing

Sure, it’s unfortunate to see the daylight shorten during the fall. But one thing that makes up for it is enjoying some stargazing! 

Grab a warm blanket and head outside on a clear night. As you look up at the night sky, take a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the stars. Who knows – perhaps you might even see a shooting star! 

31. Go Camping

Throughout the fall, there will be plenty of nights when it’s just cool enough to camp comfortably. So, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors during autumn, why not go camping? 

You don’t have to go far. You can even camp in your backyard. But whatever you decide to do – have some fun and enjoy the crisp fall air!  

fall self care tips

You can enjoy Autumn so much better by wearing the right clothes! Don’t get cold or wet by wearing proper gumboots and a long raincoat that keep you nice and snug (and HOW GOOD do they look?).

32. Go To An Autumn Festival

These festivals usually include hayrides, pumpkin picking, face painting, caramel apples, and more!  

So remember to find out when your local festivals are happening. It’s the perfect way to get into the autumn spirit and practice self-care this season!  

33. Set Goals

A good way to kill time at home and practice some autumn care is to set goals.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • When do you want to achieve this?
  • How much time do you give yourself to achieve a goal?

Sit down and work through this. Here are some helpful resources:

34. Start A Journal With Your Favorite Quotes

Make a collection of your favorite autumn self care quotes that resonate most with you. That could be anything from healing self love affirmations to motivating quotes to get up earlier in the morning.

Don’t know where to start? Let me help you with these journaling prompts for beginners.

35. Catch Up With A Friend You Haven’t Seen In A Long Time

Summer can get super busy and before you know it, you haven’t seen some of your friends in months. Make some time this fall to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

36. Make Or Buy A Gift For A Loved One

Giving a loved one an unexpected gift (it doesn’t have to be something big) can bring them great joy (and makes you happy as well).

37. Make Your Home Environmentally-Friendly

Making your home more earth-friendly doesn’t happen overnight but taking a small step today can have a big impact in the future. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Replace plastic wrap with re-usable covers
  • Invest in solar panels
  • Insulate your house
  • Change around furniture to take advantage of natural light
  • Use energy-efficient appliances
  • Install a smart thermostat
  • Replace light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Repair leaks
autumn self care activities

38. Organize Your Finances

Self care autumn = get your finances in order.

Review what you’ve spent for most part of the year and see how you can improve your spending and saving habits. I love using budget planners like this simple finance organizer.

39. Declutter Your Phone

This is one of my favorites autumn self care activities! Go through your phone and

  • Get rid of apps you don’t use anymore
  • Delete photos that have doubled up or are not important anymore
  • Combine apps into a folder

I don’t use the Cloud, so from time to time I transfer all of the photos from my phone to my external hard drive.

While you’re at it – why not go through your e-mail inbox and clear that up too?

40. Listen To More Music Than Usual

Music makes everything better!

Research shows that music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety. So true! Music makes me happy and dance through the house like a little girl.

I recently started going through TuneIn (it’s free) and picking music I feel like in that moment. There’s something for everybody (you can also listen to podcasts, sports, and audiobooks).

41. Get More Sleep

We all know the benefits of getting enough sleep – let’s not get into any details here.

More Autumn Self-Care Ideas

42. Stop Watching News

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I watch the news, I feel depressed and anxious. That’s why I hardly ever turn on the TV and I unfollowed all news channels on social media.

43. Plan Your Next Trip Away

Oh, isn’t that one of the best fall self care activities?!

Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or a big holiday for next summer, sitting down and looking for a destination is so exciting!

44. Try Out Volunteering

If you have the time, why not try out volunteering? It’s a good chance to get out of the house, learn some new skills, and meet like-minded people.

45. Sign Up For A Class Or The Gym

Get off the couch and hit the gym a couple of times a week or try out a Yoga or Pilates class. Maybe even get a personal trainer?

46. Write A To-Do List

Fall self care to me means looking after my personal growth and not falling behind on anything. The easiest way to do this is to stay on top of my to-do list.

47. Go For A Walk In The Forest

Look out for some animals, enjoy the colors and silence, and great everyone you meet with a big smile 🙂

48. Organize Your Summer Pictures

As mentioned before, Autumn is a good time to clean up the pictures on your phone.

Print out your favorite Summer pics and stick them into a scrapbook or photo album.

49. Plan Your Christmas Activities

As we all know, it gets super busy towards the end of the year. Plan who you will spend Christmas with or if you don’t celebrate it, what you’ll do instead.

Maybe you want to go away for a couple of days or a week? Don’t leave it until the last minute to organize!

50. Buy Christmas Gifts

I like to get all presents during Autumn so I can avoid the hectic crowds and full shops as Christmas comes closer. Also keep in mind that retailers raise their prices towards the end of the year.

51. Take Pictures Of The Season

A good way to like fall is to just get outside and take pictures of the beautiful colors. Maybe you’ve taken such a great snap, it’s worth printing out and hanging it on the wall at home?

52. Go To A Halloween Party

What’s Autumn without a good Halloween party?!

53. Carve A Pumpkin

Having the proper tools of a pumpkin carving kit makes this experience so much more fun!

54. Get Yourself A Raincoat and Gumboots

No excuse to not get outside with a long raincoat and some gumboots!

55. Do A Puzzle

A puzzle takes time and Summer is way too busy to sit down and put your mind to doing that. Great Autumn self-care activity to relax!

56. Buy A New XXL Blanket

I recently got myself this HUGE blanket and I absolutely love it! Makes it hard to leave the couch . . . it’s so comfortable.

57. Donate Something

Win-win situation. Donate something you don’t need anymore and someone else will be very happy receiving it for free.

58. Wear A Cozy Fall Outfit

Easy Autumn self-care idea that gets you into the fall spirit.

59. Rest On The Couch With A Hot Water Bottle

Yep – it’s that time of the year again.

60. Go To An Octoberfest

Yo-del-io-del-io . . .

61. Go To The Library

I could stay in the library for hours and choose one book after the other (even though I won’t get enough time to read them all).

62. Go On A Horse Ride

A different fall self care activity that makes you enjoy the cold season by connecting to animals and feeling their warmth.

63. Do Lama-Trekking

I haven’t done this before, but I want to try it out one day!

64. Pick Chestnuts

Pick some chestnuts and roast them in the oven for about 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). You can also use the air fryer to roast them.

65. Listen To Autumn-Themed-Music

There’s plenty of beautiful music to choose from on YouTube.

66. Get Some Sun While You Can

As soon as I see the sun come through, I grab my dog and run outside! Try to take in as much sun as you can.

While it’s simply not possible to get enough Vitamin D during Autumn and Winter, you should consider taking some supplements (I take these Vitamin D3 tablets).

67. Cook Lots Of Soups

Health tips for fall: making lots of soups. They are simple to cook and you’re able to put lots of different vegetables in them.

68. Visit A Pumpkin Festival

These festivals are a great opportunity to leave the house and see some beautiful decorations.

69. Go For A Bike Ride

As long as it doesn’t rain, this is a fun Autumn self-care activity. Be sure to wear some thermal underwear though.

70. Book Yourself Into The Hairdresser

Another one of my favorite fall self-care ideas!

71. Go Swimming At The Indoor Pools

Great activity for the rainy days.

72. Go For A Massage

Give your muscles and mind some much needed relaxation.

73. Host A Themed Dinner Night

This is so much fun! You can pick the theme and what’s for dinner and off you go.

74. Take Your Dog On Long Walks

If you don’t have a dog yourself, maybe you can ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to take theirs?

75. Plan Your Next Year

Don’t leave it until January to plan your activities and goals for the next year.

Maybe you want to go traveling, run a marathon, or learn a certain skill? Get prepared.

76. Learn A New Way To Brew Coffee

Fall self care activities like these are fun for the days you can’t be bothered going outside.

77. Be A Tourist For One Day

Get to know your town a bit better and visit all the spots tourists would typically go to during the Summer months.

78. Make A Scrapbook Full Of Leaves

Another excuse to head outside for a walk.

79. Find A New Podcast To Follow

Pick a podcast that is entertaining, makes you feel good, or teaches you something you’re interested in.

80. Set Boundaries

Summer has been super busy and I bet you said YES to activities with friends and family way too often (when you didn’t feel like it).

Autumn is a time to rest and say NO more often. Do whatever you feel like doing.

81. Visit A Corn Maze

I’ve done this autumn self-care activity only twice so far but it was a lot of fun!

82. Go For A Drive

Go for a scenic drive around your area and discover new places you haven’t been to before.

83. Paint Your Nails

84. Dance Through The House

This one is amongst the fall self care tips that put you into a good mood straight away! Easy way to burn some calories too.

85. Combine Autumn Self Care Ideas

Pick your favorite autumn self care tips and combine them:

  • Take a bath, read a book and listen to music at the same time
  • Make yourself a hot drink and organize your fall clothes
  • Use essential oils while playing a board game
  • Etc.

About The Author Of Autumn Self Care

Saskia is a mom, blogger, and freelance writer. She loves sharing tips on self-care, personal growth, and productivity & organization. Find out more about her or get in touch with her here.

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