50+ Healing Self Love Journal Prompts

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Are you looking for self love journal prompts that help you appreciate yourself more instead of talking yourself down?

Have you fallen into the trap of negative self-talk that you can’t find a way out of? Do you need to figure out who you are and what you want in life?

Self-love journal prompts make you ask yourself deep questions so you can make decisions and choices that your true self would want, not what other people expect from you.

They also help you overcome your barriers to self-care.

Journaling as part of your morning or evening routine makes you more aware of your feelings and needs.

Self-love journal prompts dig deeper and help you on your journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance. Find out more about the mental health benefits of journaling here.

Let’s have a look at some of my favorite self love journal prompts that had the healing power of pointing me in the right direction and ultimately changed my life for the better.

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50+ Healing Self Love Journal Prompts

1. How are you feeling right now?

2. Do you have trouble in sticking to goals you set out for yourself?

3. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

4. Who or what holds you back from doing the things you love?

5. How would a perfect day look like for you?

6. How can you take better care of yourself?

7. If you weren’t scared, what would you do?

8. How important is it what others think of you?

9. Do you give yourself enough time and space for your creativity?

10. What do you love about yourself?

11. What advice would you give your younger self?

12. What have you achieved that you can be proud of?

13. Do you please others or seek their approval? Why?

14. Do you say YES to things that you want to say NO to?

15. Think about where you want to be in 5 years. How can you get there?

16. Write down what you’re good at.

17. What are your healthy habits? What are your unhealthy habits?

18. Are there toxic people in your life who make you feel uncomfortable? Let go of them.

19. Are you taking enough time for yourself and the things you want?

20. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What motivates you?

21. Do one thing today that makes you happy.

22. Protect yourself from other people’s dramas.

23. Respect and accept yourself for who you are.

24. Believe in yourself.

25. Reflect on what you have learned from making mistakes.

26. What makes you feel insecure?

27. I’m passionate about . . .

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28. I can get one step closer to my dream by doing . . .

29. My happiest memory is . . .

30. Forgive yourself.

31. Who is your role model and why?

32. When do you feel peaceful? Create more situations like these.

33. Let go of what makes you unhappy.

34. What makes you feel anxious? What does that say about yourself?

35. Think about what has changed your life. Good and bad.

36. What keeps you up at night?

37. Do you make decision with your heart or your mind?

38. Do you like being by yourself or do you need to be surrounded by others to feel comfortable?

39. What aren’t you good at? Do you focus on that too much?

40. Do you accept compliments from others?

41. Are there things you want to change about yourself? Why?

42. Do you compare yourself to others? How can you let go of this habit?

43. What are you grateful for about yourself?

44. What makes you unique?

45. What challenges have you mastered?

46. How can you support yourself today?

47. Treat yourself like you want to be treated by others.

48. What is something you always wanted to try?

49. Which negative traits about yourself are you able to accept?

50. Are there boundaries you need to set for yourself?

51. Think about some self-care rituals you want to do more often.

52. How do you make the lives of others better?

53. Write a thank you letter to yourself.

54. Do you need to slow down in some areas of your life?

55. What do others like about you?

56. What scares you the most?

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FAQs to Self Love Journal Prompts

Can Journaling Help with Self-Love?

Yes, definitely. Journaling daily is a great way of getting to know yourself better and finding out why you should appreciate yourself more.

Taking the time to write down some journal prompts helps you get ahead on your journey of personal development.

What Do You Put in a Self-Care Journal?

A self-care journal should consist of questions and prompts that make you find out how you’re feeling and what makes you happy or sad.

They help you reflect on what’s going right or wrong and can lead to life-changing decisions.


How Can I Write About My Self-Love?

Here are some affirmations you can write into your journal or say out loud to yourself:

  • I am worthy of showing myself love.
  • I am imperfectly perfect and unique.
  • I am enough.
  • I accept myself for the way I am.
  • I forgive myself for past mistakes I have done. I can learn from them.

Is There a Difference Between a Journal and a Diary?

A journal and a diary are similar but have different approaches and goals. Whereas a diary is to write down things about your daily life, a journal helps to see the bigger picture, and finds out how you feel, and what you want to achieve in life.

Should You Journal Every Day?

When you start to journal, you should practice this daily as part of your morning or evening routine. Journaling is a good way of finding out what’s going on in your life and what needs to change.

As you progress and get to know yourself better, you can journal only a couple of times a week.

Final Thoughts on Self Love Journal Prompts

Get yourself a beautiful-looking journal and a pen that motivate you to regularly practice journaling for self-love.

You will feel a lot better once you realize that you deserve self-love. Journal prompts are a great guide in walking through your emotions and are a help in improving your mental health.

Self Love Journal Prompts

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