123 Positive Journal Prompts: How To Elevate Your Mindset

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Journal prompts for positive thinking are a super helpful tool if you want to get out of this downward spiral of negative thoughts that drag you down every day and make it hard for you to fully enjoy your life.

If you’re new to journaling, writing prompts can feel a little intimidating at first. I remember how hard it was for me at the beginning to get going. 

But over time, you’ll see the big change journaling has on you. 

And these journaling benefits are so rewarding and empowering!

Stay tuned and see for yourself what positive writing prompts can do for you.

Positivity Journal Prompts

Keeping a journal with your favorite positive journal prompts is going to have a major impact on the way you think.

Journaling will make you develop a positive mindset. 

I’m not saying that life is only flowers and butterflies, no. But choosing to think positive makes a difference in HOW you react to challenges (which you can’t avoid anyway).

You have the power to either get frustrated or see difficult situations as a learning curve.

Positive thinking improves your: 

  • Well-being
  • Resilience
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Mental health

And the best part? You won’t be scared of challenges anymore, because you know you can master ANYTHING by being optimistic and open-minded.

However, did you know that excessive optimism can turn into toxic positivity? Find out here what toxic positivity is and how you can avoid it.

So, what are some good journal prompts? Let’s find out! 

journal prompts for positive thinking

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123 Journal Prompts for Positive Thinking

What to write in a positivity journal is totally up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  1.  What 3 things am I grateful for today? 
  2.  Why do they bring me joy? 
  3.  Write down 3 positive affirmations about yourself and your abilities. 
  4.  How did a recent accomplishment make me feel?
  5.  What makes me feel happy? 
  6.  What do I like about myself? 
  7.  What do others like about me? 
  8.  How do I help others? 
  9.  Which act of kindness did I recently witness? 
  10.  What act of kindness did I recently do myself?

Start Tracking Your Mood

Track your mood month-by-month to see how it improves when you start to think more positively.

Daily mood tracker

Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

Establishing a positive mindset through writing prompts makes you learn a lot about life and yourself.

  1.  What are my personal strengths? 
  2.  Visualize a future success or a happy moment.
  3.  What is something I’m proud of myself for? 
  4.  What situations put me in a negative mindset? 
  5.  What memory puts a smile on my face? 
  6.  What makes me unique and stand out from other people? 
  7.  What activities are good for my mental health? 
  8.  What puts me in a good mood? 
  9.  Reflect on the positive aspects of your day. 
  10.  What hobby makes me feel energized? 
journal prompts for positive thinking

Positive Journal Prompts

Make sure to take note of your favorite feel-good journal prompts.

  1. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath and note the calming effect it has on your mind and body.
  2.  Make a list of things you’d like to try out in the future. 
  3.  How do I envision my future life? 
  4.  What/who would I like to have more time for? 
  5.  What is the one thing that makes me forget about all my worries? 
  6.  What quote/activity/person gets rid of my negative thoughts? 
  7.  Express gratitude for the positive things that will happen in the future.
  8.  What challenge did I face recently and what did I learn from it? 
  9.  Which natural element brings me peace and happiness? 
  10.  What’s my favorite season and why? 

Positive Mindset Journal Prompts

It’s easy to fall back into the trap of negative thinking, that’s why it’s important to read positive affirmation journal prompts daily.

  1. How can I maintain a positive attitude in my daily life? 
  2.  What helps me deal with my anxiety? 
  3.  Where do my thoughts wander off to when I’m not busy? 
  4.  What things never fail to make me feel happy? 
  5.  What do I usually write about first when I open my journal? 
  6.  How has journaling already helped me on my personal growth journey
  7.  How do positive thoughts change the way I live my life? 
  8.  Am I mindful enough to enjoy the little things?
  9.  How does one negative thought change my aura? 
  10.  What’s my favorite positive affirmation

Positive Journal Prompts for Adults

  1.  How can I practice more positive thinking? 
  2.  What would I recommend my best friend to do if he/she was feeling a lot of negativity in their life? 
  3.  What has made me stronger? 
  4.  What makes me feel empowered? 
  5.  What boosts my self-esteem? 
  6.  Who is my role model? 
  7.  Have I done a 30-day mindfulness challenge before? 
  8.  Do I practice enough self-care
  9.  Who/what inspires me? 
  10.  How do I show people in my life that I love and appreciate them? 

Self-Care Resources for you:

Start Your 30 Days of Mindfulness

Grab your 3-in-1 mindfulness challenge bundle which includes 2 challenge versions + 1 reflective worksheet.

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Positivity Journal Ideas

Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy. You can even start off with just a bit of paper and then later move on to a journal that you like.

The journal I personally use is simple yet beautiful so I always look forward to my journaling session.

  1.  What positive change would I make right now if I had one wish? 
  2.  Do I appreciate myself for the things I master every day? 
  3.  How can I make myself more resilient against negative thinking? 
  4.  What are my healthy habits? 
  5.  What are my unhealthy habits? 
  6.  Did I recently break an unhealthy habit?
  7.  What goals would I like to reach in the next 6 months? 
  8.  What would I do on a self-care Saturday
  9.  What makes me angry? Check out these anger journal prompts for inner peace.
  10.  Have I tried out birthday journaling before? 

Motivational Journal Prompts

Journal prompts for positive thinking help you set goals and stick to them. Are you disciplined enough? And is there anything holding you back from achieving your goals?

  1.  What makes me feel hopeful for the future? 
  2.  What motivates me to get up early? 
  3.  Which part of my daily routine do I enjoy most? 
  4.  Have I tried monthly reflection before? 
  5.  Am I consistent when it comes to reaching my goals
  6.  What do I look forward to? 
  7.  How can I find more time for journal writing every day? 
  8.  Do I celebrate my successes and positive milestones? 
  9.  How do I express optimism? 
  10.  How do I express negativity?
journal prompts for positive thinking

Daily Positive Journal Prompts

Self-love journal prompts are super important because if you don’t love yourself, you won’t appreciate the things you do and you will always find something you don’t like about yourself.

  1. Which journal prompts help me when feeling anxious? 
  2.  Who do I care about most in my life? 
  3.  What do I dream about? 
  4.  Forgive yourself for something you feel guilty about.
  5.  How does it make me feel when I’m around positive people? 
  6.  Write about your dream vacation and start to plan it.
  7.  Why am I worthy of self-compassion
  8.  Why am I worthy of self-love
  9.  How do I feel when I compare myself to others? 
  10.  Should I keep comparing myself to others or is my energy better used elsewhere? 

Self-Esteem Writing Prompts for Students

  1.  What am I really good at? 
  2.  What compliment have I received recently that I can’t stop thinking about? 
  3.  What personality trait do others admire me for? 
  4.  What am I looking forward to this week? 
  5.  Am I trying to be a better person each day? 
  6.  How can I make my surroundings a more positive environment? 
  7.  What made me smile today? 
  8.  Did I make someone else smile? 
  9.  What can I do to laugh more? 
  10.  How can I remove a negative thought from my brain? 
journal prompts for positive thinking

Positive Thinking Journal Prompts

  1.  Write yourself a love letter
  2.  How would you like others to remember you? 
  3.  Can I use my energy to tend to the things in life I can change? 
  4.  Start setting good intentions for the day.
  5.  What makes me lose motivation? 
  6.  What gives me motivation? 
  7.  What takes up a lot of my energy? 
  8.  Do I have a purpose in life? 
  9.  If not, how can I find purpose? 

Positive Journaling Ideas

These journal prompts for positive thinking help you cultivate a brighter, more optimistic perspective on life.

  1.  What makes me feel satisfied? 
  2.  Where am I now compared to 1 year ago? 
  3.  I’m only human and it’s ok to make mistakes. Read that again. 
  4.  What lifts my spirits when I’m sad? 
  5.  Can I set some healthy boundaries for myself? 
  6.  What do I need to let go of to feel happier? 
  7.  Can I replace the word ‘failure’ with ‘learning process’? 
  8.  What makes me get out of my comfort zone? How do I feel when I do so? 
  9.  What small steps can I take daily to improve my life in the long run? 
  10.  Do I like to be left alone or surrounded by loved ones when I feel demotivated? 
  11.  Why do I like to listen to the music I listen to? 
  12.  What’s my passion? 
how to start journaling

Encouraging Journal Prompt Ideas 

  1.  What’s my philosophy of life
  2.  What can’t I live without? 
  3.  How do I feel about my body? 
  4.  What’s more important to me: material or immaterial things? 
  5.  Write a plan for when a challenge arises so you can return to it anytime.
  6.  Write a bucket list of things you want to do in life. 
  7.  What would I like to improve when it comes to my personal growth? 
  8.  Rewrite negative thoughts into positive ones. 
  9.  What can I learn from setbacks? 
  10.  What would I write in my gratitude journal? 
  11.  How do positive prompts make me feel? 
  12.  How did these journaling prompts make me change my thought process? 

Journal Prompts for Positive Thinking: Before You Go . . . 

I hope these journal writing prompts have the same effect they had on me!

Start by picking a few positive journal prompts that speak to you and see what they do for you. Don’t overthink too much – just take it easy at the beginning.

Releasing negative thoughts and walking through life with a positive mindset is liberating and eye-opening. 

You welcome new situations, conquer challenges, and take major steps on your path of personal growth.

No fear or bad thoughts are holding you back from making progress.

When will you start your positive journal? 

journal prompts for positive thinking

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