365 Daily Journal Prompts For A Full Year Of Self-Discovery

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Do you want to start journaling but can’t think of things to journal about every day? The below 365 daily journal prompts will guide you through a full year of: 

  • Self-Discovery
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Improvement
  • Finding solutions
  • Gratitude
  • And more!

Watch your life improve with these daily journal questions you can ask yourself to help get clarity, set and achieve goals, and become the person you want to be. 

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Journaling Tips Before You Get Started

If you want to stick to daily journal entries, you should follow these tips: 

  • Include journaling into your daily routine
  • Set time away (don’t think you can do it “when you have time”)
  • Pick only one journal prompt per day
  • Skip a prompt if you don’t feel like thinking about it
  • Be honest with yourself

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All the best with the following 365 daily writing prompts!

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365 Days of Journal Prompts

1. Write down what makes you happy. 

2. What am I grateful for? 

3. What can I do today to bring me one step closer to my goal? 

4. What worries me? 

5. What can I forgive myself for? 

6. Write down the things you can’t change and let go of them. 

7. What am I able to change? 

8. What scares me? 

9. What’s my biggest distraction? 

10. How can I practice some self-love today? 

11. I like most about myself . . . 

12. What’s the worst that could happen? 

13. What makes me feel angry

14. What/who is holding me back?

15. What can I do to change my current situation? 

16. Write down the positive things that have changed your life. 

17. What do I feel insecure about? 

18. What do I think about the most? 

19. Do I believe in myself? 

20. What’s most important to me? 

21. How can I set more healthy boundaries? 

22. Who inspires me? 

23. Today, I will make time for myself and the things I love doing. 

24. How can I protect myself from negative talk around me? 

25. My favorite part of the day is . . . 

26. I can relax when . . . 

27. I feel motivated when . . .

28. What can I do to improve my mental health? 

29. What can I do to improve my physical health? 

30. Today, I want to accomplish . . . 

31. How can I let a person know that I feel mistreated by them? 

32. How do I treat others when I’m not well? 

33. Think about the perfect day. 

34. Write down what makes you feel calm. 

35. Write a love letter to yourself. 

365 daily journal prompts

365 Daily Journal Prompts

36. How can I be in control of my emotions? 

37. What is my safe place? 

38. Which self-care activities can I do to feel at ease? 

39. How can I prioritize my needs

40. What kept me busy today?

41. How can I be the change I want to see in the world? 

42. How was my mood today? 

Daily mood tracker

43. Do I regret anything I did recently? 

44. Did I come across a habit I want to stop doing? 

45. What made me feel uncomfortable today? 

46. Where did my thoughts wander off to today? 

47. Am I proud of myself for the way I handled a recent situation? 

48. Did I recently help anyone with something they struggled with? 

49. Did I spend money on someone I didn’t need? 

50. Did I do enough self-care today? 

51. What made me feel empowered?

52. Did I make healthy choices today? 

53. How can I simplify my life to feel less stressed? 

54. What did I do today that helped me work on my growth mindset

55. Did I do something today that I didn’t want to do? 

56. How can I be more mindful?

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

365 Daily Journal Prompts To Help Reduce Anxiety

57. What can I do today to prepare myself better for tomorrow? 

58. Did anyone reach out to me for help? 

59. Do I fall asleep quickly at night? 

60. Do I feel tired in the morning? 

61. What made me laugh today? 

62. Did I cry lately and why? 

63. What do I wish I had more time for? 

64. Which emotion do I feel the most?

65. Set your goals for the next month

66. How have I improved my current situation? 

67. How did I deal with a problem this week? 

68. Do I need more social connections? 

69. Did I celebrate a recent success I’ve had? 

365 journal prompts

365 Journal Questions That Make Journaling Fun

70. Which of my habits had the biggest impact on my well-being? 

71. Was I mostly positive or negative this week? 

72. Is there a lifestyle change I want to try out? 

73. Do I drink more alcohol and caffeine than usual? 

74. What activity can I try that makes me step out of my comfort zone? 

75. How did I handle a recent argument? 

76. What makes me get out of bed? 

77. What makes me feel good? 

78. Do I look forward to the next day?

79. Do I feel overwhelmed by the things I have at home? 

80. Can I declutter anything and live more minimalistic? 

81. Do I save money every month? 

82. The priorities I thought were important – are they still important? 

Meaningful Writing Prompts

83. Am I working towards my life goals? 

84. Did I forget any birthdays/events lately? 

85. What compliment did I receive this week? 

86. Did I make a change to something that didn’t feel right? 

87. Did I make a stranger smile recently? 

88. How many hours of sleep do I get? 

89. Do I worry about what other people think of me? 

90. What makes me feel confident?

91. Do I scroll a lot through social media which leaves me feeling frustrated and exhausted? 

92. Do I need to unfollow some accounts that make me feel bad? 

93. How can I make sure I drink enough water? 

Besides apps that remind you of drinking enough water, there’s a smart light you can put on your water bottle which lights up when it’s time to drink. How cool is that?!

94. Do I focus a lot on other people and what they do? 

95. How can I focus more on myself and my goals? –> Learn how to set monthly goals.

96. Do I have a good support system? 

97. Do I want to reconnect with an old friend? 

98. Who do I turn to for help? 

99. What can I learn from negative emotions? 

100. What makes me feel proud of myself? 

101. Do I have a purpose in life? 

102. Do I feel organized and productive

103. What’s a new skill I obtained?

104. How can I give my life more sense? 

105. What do I wish other people were more mindful about? 

365 daily journal prompts

106. What is my weakness? 

107. If I wasn’t scared, what would I do? 

108. Can I reduce my bucket list by 1 thing this month? 

109. Do I give myself enough time and space for my creativity

110. What advice would I give my younger self? 

111. Do I want to please others? 

112. Do I often say YES to things I actually want to say NO to? 

113. Are there any toxic people in my life I should let go of? 

114. How can I stay away from other people’s dramas?

115. What am I passionate about? 

116. Reflect on what you have learned from making mistakes. 

117. I accept and respect myself for who I am. 

118. Do I have a role model? 

119. What has changed my life? Good and bad. 

120. Do I make decisions with my heart or my mind? 

121. When I wake up at night, what do I think about? 

122. Do I have a hard time accepting compliments from others? Why? 

123. How can I stop comparing myself to others? 

124. Do I feel jealous of others? Why? 

125. What makes me unique?

126. Treat yourself like you want to be treated by others. 

Discover Yourself With 365 Daily Journal Prompts

127. Which negative traits about myself am I able to accept? 

128. Write a thank you letter to yourself

129. Create a new morning routine

130. Create a new evening routine

131. Do I procrastinate a lot? Why? 

132. Do I feel like someone else is planning my time? 

133. What am I looking forward to this year? 

134. How can I create more situations that bring me joy? 

135. Whom do I want to spend time with? 

136. What kind of people am I surrounded by? 

137. I want more of . . . 

138. I want less of . . .

139. The people whom I feel happy with are. . . 

140. I like being alone because . . . 

141. I don’t like being alone because . . . 

142. Is it hard for me to switch off? 

143. What or who is constantly on my mind? 

144. I like being with people because . . . 

365 journal prompt

Daily Journaling Questions

145. I don’t like being with people because . . . 

146. If I could change one thing in my life, what would it be? 

147. What would I like to improve in my life? 

148. Do I try to do too many tasks a day? Consider getting a weekly planner to organize yourself better.

149. What or who has recently changed my perspective? 

150. What is the best advice I have ever received? 

151. Where would I like to live? 

152. What work would I love to do?

153. Do one good deed today and don’t tell anyone about it. 

154. What do I secretly dream about? 

155. Can I turn this dream into reality? 

156. What do I feel nervous about? 

157. What would I like to learn? Think of a language, instrument, skill, etc. 

158. If no one judged me, what would I say out loud? 

159. If I didn’t have to worry about money, what would I do with my life? 

160. What do I need right now? 

161. What is my biggest wish? 

162. Describe your mood with one word. 

163. What is my happiest memory? 

164. Write about your favorite (fictional) holiday.

365 Daily Journal Prompts To Inspire Self-Improvement

165. Write a letter to your younger self to let them know what you have achieved.

166. Write a letter to your future self to tell them what you’re trying to accomplish.

167. Who or what upset you today? 

168. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write whatever comes to your mind. 

169. If I had a bunch of money, what would I do with it? 

170. What would I jump out of bed for every morning? 

171. What’s something I have overcome that made me a better person? 

172. My dream life would look like this: 

173. What’s something great I did today? 

174. What am I really good at?

Your Journaling Content For A Full Year of Self-Discovery

175. What qualities do others admire me for? 

176. What makes me feel fulfilled? 

177. Why do I feel the urge to change myself? 

178. What makes me feel restless? 

179. How can I show more respect to myself? 

180. What bothers me about other people? 

New Year Journal Prompts

181. Do I beat myself up about past mistakes? 

182. Am I expecting something of myself that is unreasonable? 

183. Am I usually the one organizing meet-ups with friends? 

184. What would I do if I had a day to myself

185. Does it really matter what others think of me? 

186. When did I last feel pure love? 

187. Can I actively contribute to my future happiness?

188. Am I facing a struggle that is unique to me or does most of society have this problem? 

189. Do I feel ashamed or guilty for something I did in the past? How can I let go of that? 

190. Think about how far you’ve come on your emotional journey. Be proud of yourself. 

191. What is something good I can do for my community today? 

192. Have you noticed that if you’re nicer to yourself, you’re also nicer to others?

193. What negative words do I want to replace with positive ones? 

194. What makes me a good friend? 

195. Is it self-doubt that’s holding me back? 

196. Why should only others be worthy of success and not me? 

197. Can I make myself laugh?

198. What triggers me to be in a bad mood? 

Journaling Prompts To Become A Better Person

199. Have I taken on a negative image of myself because of what someone once said to me? 

200. How can I help others with what I’m learning on my personal growth journey?

201. How does the atmosphere change when a person is kind and compassionate?

202. How can I set clear boundaries without feeling bad? 

203. What flaws of myself have I accepted? 

204. Can I surprise myself by jumping over my own shadow? 

205. How can I be a better version of myself? 

206. Make a list of things you do for others. 

207. Make a list of things you do for yourself.

208. Do I dream of living another life? 

209. How do I show love to others? 

210. How do I show love to myself

211. What makes me look great today? 

212. What’s my favorite song and why? 

213. What couldn’t I stop thinking about today? 

214. What was my highlight today? 

215. What/who irritated me today? 

365 daily journal prompts

216. What’s something I want to do and tell a loved one about? 

217. Who can I lean on to get support? 

218. What kind of a day do I want to have tomorrow? 

219. Do I feel lonely? 

220. Do I find it hard to get talking to strangers? 

221. What does my perfect birthday look like?

222. Who do I usually call/text first to share my news with? 

223. Have I considered volunteering to help others who are less fortunate than me?

224. What goal did I reach that has changed my day-to-day life? 

225. Did this goal have an impact on someone else in my life? 

226. Did I make any new friendships recently? 

227. Do I feel wiser since my first journal prompt?

228. Is my life where I expected it to be? 

229. What can I do to make my days a little bit more special? 

230. What small change can I make today that has a big impact on my future?

231. What makes me feel helpless? 

232. What can I do to feel less helpless? 

233. Am I scared of the future? 

234. Am I excited to see what will happen in the future? 

Self-Reflection Questions

235. Do I get angry at myself or others a lot? 

236. What makes me happier – buying new things or experiencing something? 

237. What do I enjoy about my age right now? 

238. What would make my days more enjoyable? 

239. Do I listen to other people’s struggles or do I shut them down with quick advice

240. Does it make me feel uncomfortable thinking about my past? 

241. What quotes or affirmations can I read to make me feel motivated?

242. Is it hard for me to stay disciplined? Check out these 100 self-discipline affirmations.

243. Did I give up on any goals I set out for myself? 

244. What’s the reason for me not sticking to my goals? Learn how to overcome goal achieving barriers.

245. Do I get disappointed when my friends don’t contact me for a while? 

246. Do I follow a daily routine

247. Do I like strict routines or do I need some space? 

248. Which are my favorite journal prompts

249. Is it hard for me to not check my phone? 

250. Set a timer for 2 hours and do something without checking your phone. 

Question Of The Day

journaling content

251. What stressed me out today? 

252. How do I feel when I’m surrounded by a lot of people?

253. Do I pay attention to how certain foods make me feel? 

254. Am I mindful of my spending and eating habits? 

255. Did I listen to plenty of music today that made me happy? 

256. Do I expect too much in life and get disappointed? 

257. What can I let go of in order to fit one of my goals into my daily schedule? 

258. What’s my vision? 

259. How can I see the positive even if I’m going through difficult times? 

260. What do I wish to achieve by journaling? 

261. What activities are good for my mental well-being?

262. Reflect on the positive aspects of your day. 

263. What are my personal strengths? 

264. How can I focus on these more instead of my negative traits? 

365 Daily Journal Prompts For Your Mental Health

265. Be kind to yourself today. 

266. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath and note the calming effect it has on you. 

267. What’s the one thing that makes me forget about all my worries? 

268. Which person gets rid of my negative thoughts? 

269. Which natural element brings me peace? 

270. What’s my favorite season and why? 

271. What helps me deal with my anxiety? 

272. What do I usually think about first when I open my journal?

273. Am I mindful enough to enjoy the little things? 

274. How do positive thoughts change the way I live my life? 

275. What things never fail to put me in a good mood? 

276. How does one negative thought change my aura? 

277. What has made me stronger over time? 

278. How do I show people in my life that I appreciate them? 

279. What would I recommend my best friend to do if they were feeling down? 

280. Do I look forward to my journaling session? 

281. How can I make my days more meaningful?

282. Do I appreciate myself for the things I master every day? 

283. If I had one wish, what positive change would I make right now? 

284. What would I like to do on a self-care Sunday

285. Do I encourage others to go after their dreams? 

365 Daily Journal Prompts To Change Your View On Life

365 journal prompts

286. What can I do to laugh more? 

287. How would I like others to remember me? 

288. Am I dependent on anyone? 

289. What makes me lose motivation? 

290. Start setting good intentions for the day. 

291. I’m only human and it’s ok to make mistakes. Read that again. 

292. What lifts my spirits when I’m sad? 

293. Do I want to be more independent?

294. Replace the word ‘failure’ with ‘learning process’ or ‘stepping stone’. 

295. Do I like to be left alone when I’m sad? 

296. Why do I like to listen to the music I listen to? 

297. Write a plan for when a challenge arises so you can refer to it anytime. 

298. What effects do journaling prompts have on my mindset? 

299. How do I feel about my body? 

300. How can I practice a more holistic approach to my health? 

Start To Love Yourself With These 365 Daily Journal Prompts

301. Do my body and mind work well together? 

302. What do I love about life? 

303. Why do I feel impatient? 

304. What has a loved one taught me?

305. What is something I can’t talk to anyone about? 

306. Do I live life on autopilot? 

307. Do I often think about my life as a child? 

308. What rattled my cage today? 

309. What do I think when I see other people argue with each other? 

310. Do I judge other people without getting to know them or their circumstances first? 

311. What surprised me today? 

312. What’s my coping mechanism for tough times? 

313. What’s my favorite hobby? 

314. How do I take feedback from others – positive and negative? 

315. How do I strengthen meaningful connections with others?

316. Think back to when you successfully managed stress and maintained a sense of calm. 

317. How can I contribute to a cause that matters to me? 

318. How can I make a positive difference in the world? 

319. What can make me more creative? 

320. Do one task today that makes you feel less overwhelmed. 

365 daily journal prompts

365 Daily Journal Prompts

321. Describe a peaceful place in nature. Spend more time there. 

322. Start a vision board with your goals, quotes, and affirmations. 

323. Reach out to a friend today who you haven’t talked to in a while. 

324. How do I feel in control?

325. Surprise a loved one with a handmade gift

326. Draw a picture and let your creativity flow. 

327. Make a list of things that make you feel tired. 

328. Think of ways to reduce or get rid of them. 

329. Create a playlist of calming music. 

330. Make a list of quick self-care activities

331. Write down a phrase or mantra you can carry around as a reminder. 

332. Change your phone background to something that inspires you. 

333. In a handful of words, describe your present life. 

334. What are my favorite books? 

Writing Prompts For Your Personal Growth

335. If magic was real, what is one magical power I’d love to have?

336. If I could let go of one behavior, what would it be? 

337. Where is that one place I would love to visit and why? 

338. If tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, what would I do today? 

339. What are some materialistic things I can’t let go of and why? 

340. Who are the people who make my life more interesting? 

341. Draw a symbol that describes your life. 

342. Why did I choose this symbol? 

343. How do I react when others mistreat me? 

344. How do I feel when I experience others being mistreated? 

345. Show respect and be proud of your body for what it did today.

346. Do I feel rested? Mentally, emotionally, physically? 

347. What does success mean to me? 

348. Do I have any unresolved trauma or resentment? How can I work through it?

349. What’s the weirdest dream I can remember? 

350. Do I believe in a higher power? If yes, how does it affect my life? 

351. When do I feel like I can be my true self? 

352. When was the last time I showed someone I loved them? 

353. What are my favorite qualities in a person? 

354. How can I obtain these qualities? 

365 Daily Journal Prompts

355. Be present. Describe your current surroundings.

Try out the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique

356. Write an “I’m sorry” letter to you for a time you were mean to yourself.

357. What does my perfect morning look like? 

358. What struggles have I overcome so far? 

359. Was I enough today? 

360. How do I express love? 

361. If I could speak to one person who has passed away, who would it be and what would I say? 

362. Do I feel comfortable within my body? 

363. What healthy habits am I proud of? 

364. How can I live more intentionally? 

365. Thank yourself for working through these journal prompts. What have they taught me?

365 daily journal prompts

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