Simple 5 Minute Self-Care Activities When You Have No Time

5 minute self-care activities

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Do you feel like you have no time for self-care? Is there always other work you have to do ‘first’ and do you think that doing self-care will take up too much of your time? Good news! Self-care doesn’t need to take long with these 5 minute self-care activities. Check them out!

Whether you’re a parent, a pet owner, have a demanding job, or have a busy life in general, I’m pretty sure you usually think to yourself: I can do self-care when I have some ‘spare time’. Well, let’s face the reality: we never have enough time. Our to-do lists are endless, and while doing something, we already think of the next task to do.

No one else will ‘allow’ us to take time to ourselves or tell us to do some self-care. That’s why we have to do it ourselves. We have to break the cycle of never-ending tasks and squeeze in some self-care, even if it’s just a couple of minutes. 5 minute self-care activities are perfect for the moments when you feel like you have no time but desperately need to calm down and take your mind off things.

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Why Do We Need Self-Care?

We usually tend to turn to other people’s needs first. Our family comes first, our employer, our friends, pets, the house, etc. There’s always someone who needs your help or at least you feel like helping and pleasing them. We rarely do something for ourselves, as most of the day is consumed by others and their expectations of us! Isn’t that shocking?

You need to start putting yourself first! It’s not a luxury to look after yourself, it is essential. You need to rest, physically as well as mentally, to re-gain your strength and master your busy life. How can you be of any help to others, if you’re exhausted and overwhelmed?

These 5 minute self-care activities will make you feel refreshed and give you the power to keep going. Besides, it’s much easier to commit to 5 minutes here and there than to a full spa treatment.

What Are Self-Care Activities?

Self-care activities are things you do to nurture your body, mind, and soul. They are activities just for you to take a break from the busy life around you and to give you a chance to be mindful and listen to how you’re doing.

Self-care activities don’t ‘happen’ to you, you need to actively make time for them and choose what you would like to do. If you do self-care activities intentionally, only just 5 minutes of them will make a big change to your day and mindset!

There are 6 different types of self-care:

  • Physical self-care
  • Practical self-care
  • Social self-care
  • Mental Self-Care
  • Emotional self-care
  • Spiritual self-care

Find more details on these types below (under frequently asked questions)!

5 minute self-care activities
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5 Minute Self-Care Activity Ideas

These 5 minute self-care activities are perfect for you if you don’t have much time. They leave you rejuvenated, and happy, and boost your energy levels so you can deal with whatever is coming your way! And you finally feel like you’re doing something for yourself.

Sometimes, 5 minutes is all you need. You’ll be surprised what you can get done in this short amount of time.

Physical 5 Minute Self-Care Activities

5 Minute Self-Care Activities to Take a Mental Break

Not only your body needs self-care, but also your mind deserves a break from all the stress and drama around you. These 5 minute self-care activities are precious and help you clear your mind and give you a breather.

My tip: stay away from social media! 5 minutes pass way quicker when you watch a video or scroll through your feed and it won’t feel like you’ve had a break at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The 3 Rules of Self-Care?

Self-Care consist of 3 different areas: physical, mental, and emotional self-care.

Physical Self-Care

Physical self-care means feeding your body healthy foods, staying active by going for a walk or doing exercise, and also taking the time to rest when you need it. If you’re in pain, it’s your responsibility to see a doctor or someone who can help you. Also, going to the dentist is an act of physical self-care.

Mental Self-Care

Activities for mental self-care look different for everyone. The main aim is to unwind and relax. Take a break from social media and just be with yourself. Get creative, read a book, or start a veggie garden! Do whatever makes you happy.

Emotional Self-Care

What Are The 6 Rules of Self-Care?

In addition to the physical, mental, and emotional self-care, there are 3 more self-care types to practice full self-care.

Practical Self-Care

This is probably something we don’t see as self-care, but it’s vital for you to have a good life and look after yourself. Practical self-care includes things such as:

  • Creating a budget so you don’t suffer from financial hardship
  • Working on your career or taking professional development classes
  • Cleaning and organizing your house/apartment, which will keep you healthy

Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care means something different for everyone. Some see this as a time to pray. For others it means going for a walk, connecting with nature, and reflecting on themselves and the world around them. Meditating and Yoga are acts of spiritual self-care as well.

Social Self-Care

Social self-care includes activities that strengthen your relationships with others, such as your family and friends. Be sure to stay in contact with everyone regularly, check up on them, and make time to meet them for lunch, a walk in the park, or invite them for dinner.

Final Thoughts on 5 Minute Self-Care Activities

Have you written down a few of these 5 minute self-care activities or did you add some to my list that just came to your mind? I truly hope these ideas will make you take 5 minutes to yourself throughout the day to practice some self-care. You deserve it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us happy and give us the break we need!

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