117 Monthly Reflection Questions How To Nurture Personal Growth

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Are you looking for monthly reflection questions to see what direction you’re heading to and to not let your personal growth go down the drain? 

I used to get so caught up in my everyday life that I totally forgot to see the bigger picture and find purpose and fulfillment. 

However, finding moments of reflection is the key to success when it comes to personal improvement. 

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly reflection questions you’re asking yourself – it’s important to find time regularly to sit back, live more intentionally, and practice self-discovery.

What are some reflection questions and how can you add these to your daily life? 

Grab yourself a cuppa and let’s dive into my favorite monthly self-reflection questions I picked for you.

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117 Monthly Reflection Questions

  1. How did this month go for me? 
  2. What did I think most about this month? 
  3. Where did my thoughts wander off to? 
  4. What kept me busy these past weeks? 
  5. What did I put in my mood tracker
  6. Did I achieve the goal(s) I set out for myself? If not, why? 
  7. Did I incorporate any new habits into my daily or weekly routine? 
  8. Do these new habits feel good or do I struggle to complete them? 
  9. Did I fill out my habit tracker
  10.  Do I regret anything I did this month? 
  11.  Did I come across a habit I want to stop doing? 
  12.  What was really challenging for me this month? 
  13.  What new habit do I want to start doing next month? 
  14.  What goal do I want to achieve next month? 
  15.  What made me feel uncomfortable?  

If you’re struggling with goal setting and achieving, it might be time to learn how to overcome your barriers to achieving goals.

monthly reflection questions

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End Of Month Reflection Questions

  1.  Was there anything or anyone that made me feel angry
  2.  Am I proud of myself for the way I handled this month? 
  3.  Am I ashamed of anything I did this past month? 
  4.  Did I spend my time well or did I feel I wasted it? 
  5.  What life lesson did I learn? 
  6.  How did I make my life more simple this month? 
  7.  What was I grateful for? 
  8.  Did I do enough self-care
  9.  Did I make healthy choices? 
  10.  What made me feel empowered? 
  11.  Did I help anyone with something they struggled with? 
  12.  Who or what held me back in achieving my goals
  13.  Did I spend time doing something I didn’t want to do? 
  14.  Did I spend money on things I didn’t need? 
  15.  What did I do that helped me work on my growth mindset

Check out these 71 anger journal prompts and learn how to replace anger with inner peace.

Questions To Ask Yourself Every Month

  1.  Did I take the time to be mindful? 
  2.  Did I read any powerful affirmations or quotes that helped me improve my mindset? 
  3.  The routines I chose for myself, were they satisfying? 
  4.  Which unexpected events/activities came up this month? 
  5.  What do I wish I spent more time on? 
  6.  What worried me? 
  7.  What can I do to prepare better for the month ahead? 
  8.  Did someone reach out to me for help? 
  9.  Did I spend enough time with family and friends (virtually and in-person)?
  10.  Did I fall asleep quickly at night? 
  11.  How did I feel physically? 
  12.  How did I feel mentally? 
  13.  What made me the happiest this month? 
  14.  Did I have fun? 
  15.  What did I do that brought me closer to my goal? 

Reading self-discipline affirmations can help you stay motivated and energized throughout the month.

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monthly reflection questions

Reflective Questions For Self-Awareness

  1.  Did I feel stressed
  2.  What would make me feel less stressed? 
  3.  What other emotions did I feel? 
  4.  How can I make my days better? (i.e. more social connections, more self-care activities)
  5.  How did I deal with problems? 
  6.  Did I try to improve my current situation or did I walk away from it? 
  7.  Did I set my goals for the next month?
  8.  Did I celebrate my success? No matter how small. 
  9.  Was I mostly positive or negative this month? 
  10.  Did I feel mostly energetic or rather tired? 
  11.  Which of my habits had the biggest impact on my well-being? 
  12.  Is there a lifestyle change I want to try out? 
  13.  Do I need to set more boundaries? 
  14.  Did I drink more alcohol or caffeine than usual? 
  15.  When did I feel at ease? 

Breaking out of your busy life and taking the time to practice some self-care is a good way to check in with yourself. Get some inspiration on relaxing self-care activities you can try:

End Of Month Journal Prompts

  1.  Did I take the time to cook myself a healthy meal or did I eat out a lot? 
  2.  Did I stay within my spending budget? 
  3.  Did I splurge or spend consciously? 
  4.  Who inspired me this month? 
  5.  Did I learn a new skill? 
  6.  Did I try out a new activity? 
  7.  Which book do I want to read next month? 
  8.  Which affirmation can I write on a Post-it note? 
  9.  Did I check in on my closest friends and family members? 
  10.  What made me step out of my comfort zone?  
  11.  Did I limit the time I scroll through social media? 
  12.  Are there any people I need to unfollow who make me feel frustrated?
  13.  What kind of people/accounts do I follow? Do they make me feel good?
  14.  Did I have any arguments or disagreements in my relationship? 
  15.  How did I handle them? 
  16.  Who do I want to spend less time with? 
  17.  Did I get to meetings/catch-ups on time or did I run late? Why? 

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monthly reflection questions

Journal Reflection Questions

  1.  Was it hard for me to get up in the morning
  2.  What motivated me to get out of bed in the morning? 
  3.  What made me look forward to the next day?  
  4.  Did I feel exhausted at night? 
  5.  Did I declutter and practice more minimalism? 
  6.  Did I feel overwhelmed by the things I have at home? 
  7.  Going through my wardrobe, did I find things I forgot I had? 
  8.  Did I spend a lot of time re-arranging and cleaning my home? 
  9.  Did I save any money this month? 
  10.  Did I invest any money?
  11.  How can I reduce my expenses? 
  12.  Did I make a change to what makes me feel unhappy? 
  13.  Did I forget any events or birthdays this month? 
  14.  How can I slow down to live more intentionally? 
  15.  What were my priorities? 
  16.  Did I surprise anyone this month? 

Did you know that looking after your finances is a form of self-care too?

Monthly Reflection Journal Ideas

  1.  Did I make a stranger smile or laugh this month? 
  2.  Did I make someone feel welcome? 
  3.  How many hours of sleep did I get per night? 
  4.  Did I worry about what other people think of me? 
  5.  How can I make sure I drink enough water per day (app, post-it notes)? 
  6.  Did I follow my morning routine
  7.  Did I follow my evening routine
  8.  Did I do enough journaling
  9.  What made me feel confident? 
  10.  Did I feel jealous of anything or anyone this past month? 
  11.  Did I compare myself to anyone or did I feel good about going my own way? 
  12.  Did I limit the time I watch the news? 
  13.  What struck me? 
  14.  Did I feel organized and well-prepared for the month
  15.  How can I turn negative feelings into positive action? 
  16.  Did I need help and who did I turn to? 
  17.  Do I have a good support system around me? 
  18.  Did I feel like I had a purpose in life? 
  19.  How can I give my life more sense? 
  20.  What new knowledge did I gain? 
  21.  What were my major wins? 
  22.  What new skills did I acquire? 
  23.  What did I accomplish? 
  24.  How did my monthly reflection help me for the past month? 

Journaling is a great way to get to know yourself better and cultivate a growth mindset. Here are some journaling ideas:

cultivating a growth mindset

Why End Of Month Journal Reflection Is Good For

How do you reflect the month? And what are monthly reflection questions good for? 

Monthly review questions help you find out what’s going well at the moment and what needs to be improved. 

What has to change? Do I like to do the things I do? Am I happy with my daily routines and habits? 

Reflecting on the past month or week will analyze areas in your life such as: 

  • Work
  • Finances
  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Goal Achieving
  • Self-Care
  • Purpose
  • Mindset

Whether we talk about self-reflection questions for students or self-reflection questions for work, they make you think about what you really want in life and if you’re on track to getting there. 

These powerful monthly or even weekly self-reflection questions (if you wish to do it more frequently) have made such a difference to my life and I’m certain they will be an enrichment to your life as well. 

How To Incorporate Monthly Reflection Questions Into Your Routine

Monthly reflection examples make your mind work and make you have a good think about how the past weeks went. 

Nothing slips through the cracks anymore as you actively work through your personal growth and your life purpose.

But how can you find the time to sit down and reflect on these questions? 

It’s important that you make a ritual out of reading and writing monthly reflection quotes

The 5 steps to a reflection ritual:

  1. Carve some time out of your day 
  2. Find a cozy spot where no one can disturb you
  3. Document your thoughts by journaling or using a habit tracker 
  4. Add this step to your monthly routine
  5. Repeat

Working on self-reflection questions should be something you look forward to. Not something that you constantly procrastinate.

Adding this mindful activity to your monthly schedule will make it easier to stick to it. 

As for myself, I sometimes like to do this when I plan my week ahead. 

Once you’ve done this act of self-awareness for a few months, you’ll see the positive and transformative impact it has on your mindset

bullet journal monthly reflection

Once you’ve got your mind on your side, you’re set. Having the right mindset is key – it determines how:

  • You walk through life
  • You view people
  • You deal with difficult situations
  • You treat yourself and others
  • Disciplined you are
  • Positive you are
  • Well you look after yourself
  • Successful you are

Monthly Reflection Questions: Before You Go

Remind yourself of the power of self-discovery and use these monthly reflection questions as a compass for your personal growth. 

The exploration of monthly reflection will turn you into the best version of yourself.

Share your favorite monthly reflection ideas in the comments to inspire others to work on their personal growth too. Or encourage a friend by sharing this post with them. 

We can all help each other in this. 

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