105 Mom Journal Prompts: How to Become a Better Parent

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Being a mom is by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I wish I started using mom journal prompts earlier on this journey.

I know you’re exhausted too.

Time is short at the end of the day. 

But especially when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, starting a journaling practice is the one thing you should do. 

Even just 5 minutes of writing down some prompts can help you process your emotions and thoughts and get clarity

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Writing Prompts for Moms

Life as moms is full of chores and unexpected situations, daily life can be monotonous as well as ever-changing. 

Whether your kids are very young, teenagers, or adults, motherhood never stops.

The hardest part about being a mom is dealing with our fears, sadness, and worries as well as wanting to remember the very exciting and joyful times. 

If you don’t have a friend you can catch up with regularly, grab a journal, and call it your best friend.

Journaling has become the favorite thing I look forward to at the end of the day. 

Let’s make writing part of your self-care routine too with these mom journal prompts!

mom journal prompts

101 Journal Prompts To Add To Your Journaling Routine

Journaling for moms is all about feeling more comfortable within yourself and taking little actions every day to become a better mom.

  1. How am I feeling about life right now? 
  2. What emotion did I feel most today? 
  3. Did I feel empowered as a mother today? 
  4. Do I feel a lot of anger? If yes, why? 
  5. What do I look forward to every day? 
  6. Which part of the day do I not look forward to? 
  7. What worries me? 
  8. What have I learned on the journey of motherhood? 
  9. What do I love about being a mom? 
  10.  How can I take better care of myself
  11.  Do I need to be more patient with myself and my kids? 
  12.  What is my favorite activity with my kids? 
  13.  What’s my favorite activity I do outside of being a mom? 
  14.  Am I envious of other moms? Why? 
  15.  Did I want to become a mom when I was younger? 

Motherhood Journal Prompts To Write 

Motherhood isn’t easy, but journaling can be your constant encouragement guide on this journey of finding yourself as a mom.

  1.  What challenges do I encounter? 
  2.  Which challenges did I master that I can be proud of? 
  3.  What do I think about most every day? 
  4.  Am I happy with how I communicate with my child/children? 
  5.  What can I do to feel more relaxed? 
  6.  How is the atmosphere at home? 
  7.  Today, I want to do one thing for myself which is . . . 
  8.  I will no longer hold on to past mistakes. 
  9.  I forgive myself for . . . 
  10.  My children make me angry because . . . 
  11.  What do I wish for my kids? 
  12.  Do I feel loved by my family? 
  13.  I feel grateful for my family because . . . 
  14.  My kids have taught me to be more . . . 
  15.  Which part of my personal growth do I need to work on? 
mom journal prompts

Journal Prompts for New Moms

It’s normal to sometimes not want to be a mom anymore, it’s a phase that will pass. 

I’ve had a hard time adjusting to being a mom, take every day as it comes and be easy on yourself.

  1.  What makes daily life hard? 
  2.  Do I feel lonely? 
  3.  The hardest part about being a mom is . . . 
  4.  How can I spend more time with my partner? 
  5.  A daily mood tracker can help me analyze my feelings. 
  6.  How did I adjust to my new role as a mother? 
  7.  Do I like the new routine? 
  8.  I am happy because . . . 
  9.  Do I use kind words when I speak to my family
  10.  Think about how you feel appreciated.
  11.  What is something I can’t talk to anyone about? 
  12.  What activity can I do to have another identity other than the one of a mom
  13.  Do I do things on autopilot or do I have the chance to be intentional? 

Start Tracking Your Mood

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Postpartum Journal Prompts

Even if you had a hard time growing up, history doesn’t need to repeat itself. Parenting journal prompts can help you shape the future of your family.

  1.  What person am I grateful for in my life right now? 
  2.  How can I get the help I need? 
  3.  Do I feel comfortable asking for help? 
  4.  How has becoming a mom changed me and my view on life? 
  5.  Do I often think about my life as a child? 
  6.  What did I learn as a child that I want to teach my children? 
  7.  Do I need more time for myself to be a better mother? 
  8.  I should do more of . . . to feel less isolated. 
  9.  What’s the most important thing I want for my child? 
  10.  What I enjoy most about this phase of motherhood is . . . 
  11.  Who/what has helped me most in adjusting to being a new mom? 

Journal Prompts for Mother Wound

How do I know if I’m a good mom? You definitely are, because you are reading these journal prompts right now trying to better yourself.

  1.  What made me decide to become a mom? 
  2.  Do I make time for self-reflection
  3.  I am a good mother because . . . 
  4.  What I love most about my children is . . .  
  5.  I enjoy time to myself but also look forward to seeing my kids again. 
  6.  Do I think positively
  7.  What’s my favorite self-care activity
  8.  What makes motherhood so difficult for me? 
  9.  Who/what influences the way I parent? 
  10.  Am I happy with my/our parenting style? 
  11.  How has motherhood changed my relationship with my partner? 
  12.  What rattles my cage?
  13.  How can I be kinder to myself
journaling for parents

Mom Journal Prompts To Feel Less Overwhelmed

Using mom journal prompts is a way of checking in with yourself to see how you’re going.

Self-care doesn’t mean ‘me first’ – it means ‘me too.’

  1.  How is my mental health? 
  2.  Do I need to be more mindful in life
  3.  Do I celebrate my birthdays the way I used to? 
  4.  What have I learned from my parents that helps me be a good mom? 
  5.  What things do I need to work on when it comes to parenting? 
  6.  What daily habits and routines do I wish I could implement? 
  7.  Do I have a goal I want to accomplish in the near future? 
  8.  Has motherhood stopped me from setting goals
  9.  What is getting in the way of me achieving my goals
  10.  What is something I want to do right now? 
  11.  What is something I wish I had more time for? 
  12.  What small step can I do today that brings me closer to my end goal?
  13.  Have I practiced journaling before and how did it make me feel? 
  14.  I have friends who I can reach out to when times get tough. 

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Journal Prompts To Deal With Motherhood

  1.  What makes me feel comfortable when I think of home? 
  2.  How does my family make me laugh? 
  3.  I feel love for my family in situations like . . . 
  4.  Which bad habit of growing up do I want to break? 
  5.  Which life lesson do I want to give my kids on the way? 
  6.  I have the power over how I react to certain situations 
  7.  How is my partner a good parent to our child/children? 
  8.  How can I be a good friend to myself? 
  9.  What is a fun activity we enjoy as a family? 
  10.  What makes my kids smile? 
  11.  Do my children expect things of me or do I expect them of myself? 
  12.  What phase of my kids growing up has been my favorite so far? 

Mom Journal Prompts to Add to Your Journaling Practice 

  1.  What do I think when I see other families? 
  2.  What do I feel when I see other moms tell their kids off? 
  3.  What surprises me about my kids in a positive way? 
  4.  What can I do to not take the negative traits of my kids too seriously? 
  5.  How can I help other moms who are struggling? 
  6.  What beautiful part of this world do I want to show my children? 
  7.  What are we struggling with right now as a family? What can I do about it? 
  8.  Which memory do I keep going back to before I became a mom? 
  9.  Which is my favorite memory as a family? 
  10.  What do I want my children to remember about their childhood? 
  11.  Am I trying to be a good role model to my kids? 
  12.  No one can replace me being a mother to my children because . . . 
101 journal prompts

Before You Go . . .

Journaling for moms isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

For me, writing into a journal has become therapeutic and I’m certain it will have the same effect on you.

Make journaling part of your daily routine by making it a ritual around the same time every day. 

It’s either the morning or the evening that works best for you, or maybe the middle of the day.

Soon, writing journal prompts will be as normal to you as drinking water. 


  • Be honest with yourself
  • Be patient 
  • Stay consistent

If you need a bit more help to get into it, start with these beginner journaling prompts

Let me know in the comments in what way mom journal prompts have helped you!

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