The Ideal Mom Night Time Routine For Taking Showers

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Looking for the ideal mom night time routine? Daily routines for moms are so important – they help us to be organized so we can get everything done as well as stay on top of our physical, mental, and emotional self-care.

Doing a weekly self-care shower routine is one way to do just that and have a nice and relaxing bedtime routine!

Check out this working mom evening routine if you want to have a simple routine checklist for every night including the best bedtime rituals.

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Today I would like to focus on the self-care shower for something more special to do in your ‘me-time’.

Not only does a self-care shower help you relax and feel refreshed, but it can also be an opportunity to do self-care activities you have neglected during the week, such as your skincare routine.

Having a self-care shower routine can also help break up the monotony of your daily shower routine, where you’re rushing through the process to move on to the next thing.

My shower routine tips are perfect for helping you enjoy your showers instead of feeling like a chore! Read on to learn how adding self-care to your weekly showers make for a relaxing nighttime routine that will benefit your mind, body, and soul.

mom night time routine

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Ideal Mom Night Time Routine

Here’s an overview on how to take the best shower ever in 21 steps as part of your mom evening routine:

  • 1. Set The Mood
  • 2. Brush Out Your Hair
  • 3. Remove Your Makeup
  • 4. Put On A Face Mask
  • 5. Dry Brush Your Skin
  • 6. Set the Ideal Water Temperature
  • 7. Rinse Your Body And Hair
  • 8. Shampoo Your Hair
  • 9. Rinse Out The Shampoo
  • 10. Apply A Hair Mask
  • 11. Rinse Out Your Hair Mask
  • 12. Add Conditioner To The Ends Of Your Hair
  • 13. Wash With a Gentle Body Soap
  • 14. Rinse Out Your Conditioner and Body Soap
  • 15. Exfoliate Your Skin, Feet, and Face
  • 16. Shave
  • 17. Final Body And Hair Rinse
  • 18. Towel Dry Your Hair
  • 19. Pat Your Body Dry
  • 20. Do Your Hair Care Routine
  • 21. Do Your Skin Care Routine

Essentials For Your Mom Night Time Routine

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What Is A Self-Care Routine

A self-care routine involves taking time to care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It includes activities that you do regularly to help maintain your overall well-being.

Showering helps keep you clean and healthy and provides an opportunity for relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

With these tips and tricks below, you can make each shower an act of self-love that leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed. Turn your evening into a perfect nighttime routine by having a special self-care shower. Read on and I’ll tell you how to do it!

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The Benefits Of A Mom Night Time Routine

The benefits of a self-care shower routine for your perfect mom night time routine include the following:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved mood
  • Improved circulation and metabolism
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • And enhanced well-being

Taking time out from our day-to-day lives to focus on ourselves during a shower can help us reconnect with our bodies and minds, which has been proven beneficial for overall well-being.

A meaningful shower is a great step to add to your adult bedtime routine.

Next, let’s look at the best shower routine to follow when focusing on self-care during your night time routine!

The Perfect Shower Routine As Part Of Your Mom Night Time Routine

Are you looking for tips on how to have the best shower during your night routine? Here’s my ideal self-care shower routine that will also help you to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a healthy bedtime routine.

1. Set The Mood

Self-care showers are not about rushing to get to the next thing on your to-do list but about relaxing and caring for your body and mind. A great way to do this is by setting the mood in the bathroom.

So the first step of your mom night time routine should be to light a couple of candles, turn on some calm music, and dim the lights to relax your space.

2. Brush Out Your Hair

Before you get in the shower, the first thing you should do is brush out your hair. This will help to distribute the natural oils in your scalp and work any knots out of your hair, making it easier to shampoo and condition.

*Tip – Did you know removing knots and tangles from your hair before washing can also reduce the amount of breakage and split ends?

3. Remove Your Makeup

Whether your makeup is waterproof or not, removing it before you shower is a good idea. Not only does it make it easier to get your face clean, but it also enables you to do the next step of the self-care shower routine!

4. Put On A Face Mask

Face masks are essential for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best. Plus, face masks makes you feel special when you do them!

What’s enjoyable about including a face mask as part of your pre-shower routine is you can use the wait time to do the next step, meditate, or even read a good book.

5. Dry Brush Your Skin

The final step of your mom night time routine before you get into the shower is to give your skin a thorough dry brush. Doing this helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving you with soft, glowing skin.

6. Set The Ideal Water Temperature

As much as you might love showers with hot water (I know I do!), it is not the best temperature for your skin or hair. It can cause dryness and even damage. Experts suggest using lukewarm or cool water when you shower to help keep your skin and hair stay healthy.

7. Rinse Your Body and Hair

Once you set the perfect water temperature, you can start your shower by rinsing your hair and body thoroughly. This is also an excellent time to relax while your body adjusts to the temperature of the water.

8. Shampoo Your Hair

Starting with your hair, use your fingers to massage in a good shampoo product. If you struggle to massage the shampoo on your scalp, consider using a scalp scrubber. These are great at getting a deep clean and also help to improve circulation!

9. Rinse Out The Shampoo

Once you’ve massaged the shampoo in, you can rinse it out. Again, use lukewarm or cool water to avoid damaging your hair. 

If you need to do this step again, go for it! There’s a reason the saying lather, rinse, repeat is so popular!

10. Apply A Hair Mask

A step that many people don’t consider in their self-care shower routines is taking the time to do a hair mask. Like a face mask, hair masks can help nourish and condition your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

You must follow the instructions for your hair mask product to get the best results. However, you will find most of them require damp hair. So, once you’ve rinsed out your shampoo, step out of the shower and give your hair a good towel dry.

Once your hair is no longer dripping wet, you can go ahead and apply the hair mask and then wrap your head in a hot towel.

Leave it on for the recommended time, usually around 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, read a good book, set goals for the upcoming week, practice meditation, etc.

Halfway through your night time routine!

12. Rinse Out Your Hair Mask

Once the recommended time for your hair mask is over, hop back in the shower and rinse it out. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to ensure all the product is out.

12. Add Conditioner To The Ends Of Your Hair

The final step for your hair in the shower is applying a conditioner to the ends. Doing this helps lock in moisture, protect your ends from split ends and breakage, and ensure your hair looks its best.

13. Wash With A Gentle Body Soap

Now it’s time to move on to your body! Wash your entire body from head to toe using a loofah and a gentle soap. And make sure to get in all of those crevices!

14. Rinse Out Your Conditioner and Body Soap

Next, rinse off all the soap on your body, and remove the conditioner from the ends of your hair. 

15. Exfoliate Your Skin, Feet, and Face

The next step is exfoliating your skin, feet, and face. This step helps to remove any dry skin, dirt, and bacteria that have built up, leaving you with healthy-looking skin.

For a thorough body scrub, try using a:

16. Shave

Once you’ve exfoliated your skin, you can do your shaving. To prevent ingrown hairs, use shaving cream with natural ingredients, a good quality razor with a sharp blade, and shave in the direction of the hair growth.

17. Final Body and Hair Rinse

Before you leave the shower, give yourself a thorough final rinse. And again, like all the other rinsing steps, use cool or lukewarm water to avoid damaging your skin or hair.

18. Towel Dry Your Hair

Start your after-shower routine by towel-drying your hair. And make sure you gently pat it dry using a towel, don’t rub or scrub your hair. Doing this can damage your delicate strands and cause frizz.

19. Pat Your Body Dry

Additionally, it’s a good idea to pat your body dry instead of vigorously rubbing it. This way, you can avoid irritating the sensitive skin that has just been exfoliated.

20. Do Your Hair Care Routine

Now that you’re dry, it’s time to do the final touches of your hair care routine. This could include using a serum to reduce frizz, adding some leave-in conditioner for added moisture, blow-drying your hair, etc.

Ensure you use products that match your hair type and the look you are going for. 

21. Do Your Skin Care

It’s also vital to do your skincare routine before getting dressed. This could include using body butter, body lotion, or another body moisturizer on your skin, applying a facial sunscreen and serum, and using other necessary products.

Ensure the products you are using are suitable for your skin type. Using the wrong products can cause skin issues such as breakouts, dryness, and irritation.

mom night time routine

Extra Things You Can Do To Make Your Mom Night Time Routine More Relaxing

Put A Vitamin C Shower Filter In Your Shower Head

One way to make your self-care shower routine even more relaxing is to add a vitamin C filter to your shower head, which will help soften the water and make it more gentle on your skin and hair.

Do Other Self-Care Rituals

Your self-care routine doesn’t have to end here. You could do other things like paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, spend time in a steam room or sauna, etc. Doing these extra things will help you relax, boost your confidence, and leave you feeling refreshed.

Check out these 5 minute self-care activities if you only have little time. These 35 self-care night ideas might take a little longer than 5 minutes but are great activities to add to your nightly routine to feel relaxed and well rested.

Use A Shower Steamer

If you want to add an extra element of relaxation, try using a shower steamer. Shower steamers are filled with essential oils and will help boost your mood, clear your head, and give you an extra dose of relaxation.

Have A Relaxing Bath Beforehand

If you are a sucker for a relaxing bath with bath bombs (I sure am!), add this to your self-care shower routine too! Use this extra time to relax, unwind, read a book, etc. Do this before you shower to do a proper skincare routine on clean, thoroughly rinsed skin.

At the end of it all, taking a regular, self-care shower routine is a fantastic way to pamper yourself and boost your confidence.

Doing this type of wind down routine can help you look and feel your best while allowing you to relax, unwind, and give your body the attention it deserves. So, be sure to make it a priority in your weekly routine. Trust me; you will thank yourself for it later!

I hope my tips for how to have the best shower during your mom night time routine were helpful. If you know someone who could benefit from my night time routine ideas, share it with them now! 

Try Out These Self Care Bath Ideas To Give Your Night Routine The Extra Kick

Find out more about how to have the most relaxing bath routine.

Essential For A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

  • 1. Pick The Right Day And Time
  • 2. Find The Right Temperature
  • 3. Prepare Your Bathroom
  • 4. Make Your Bathroom Comfortable
  • 5. Have Snacks And Drinks Ready
  • 6. Music/Podcast
  • 7. Book
  • 8. Bath Tray
  • 9. Bath Pillow
  • 10. Bath Mat
  • 11. Face Mask
  • 12. Bath Bubbles or Salt
  • 13. Body Wash
  • 14. Exfoliating Scrub
  • 15Loofah
  • 16. Back Brush
  • 17. Bath Massager
  • 18. Shower Cap
  • 19. Relax
  • 20. Have Towel Ready
  • 21. Robe
  • 22. Skincare Routine
  • 23. Have Pajamas + Socks Ready

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FAQs to Mom Night Time Routine

What Is The (10) 3 2 1 (0) Bedtime Routine?

Try out the 10-3-2-1-0 formula to sleep better and feel refreshed in the morning, without having to press the snooze button 5 times.

10 hours before bed:

  • No more caffeine

3 hours before bed:

  • No more food
  • No more alcohol

2 hours before bed:

  • No more work

1 hour before bed:

  • No more screen time (no phone, TV, tablet, or computer)

0 represents the number of times you will have to press the snooze button in the morning.

How Do Busy Moms Stay Organized?

Here are a few tips on how busy moms can stay organized:

  • Set up a daily schedule including a morning routine and evening routine
  • Have a planner or journal to stay on top of chores and to-do’s
  • Plan ahead
  • Don’t overload your day with too many activities
  • Learn to say no to certain things
  • Set boundaries
  • Delegate some of your work
  • Declutter and have a tidy house
  • Practice self-care to re-gain some power

What Do Working Moms Struggle With The Most?

Guilt is the # 1 challenge working moms struggle with the most, followed up having no time for themselves, constantly having to multi-task, and trying to set priorities right.

On top of all of that, working moms don’t want to loose their face and try to be perfect without showing anyone how much they struggle.

How Do Stay-At-Home Moms Fight Boredom?

Stay-at-home moms can fight boredom by creating a daily routine, catching up with friends or other moms, taking time for themselves when their partner is at home, or working from home.

Is Self-Care The Same As Self-Love?

No, self-care and self-love are not the same thing. Self-care is about taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Self-love is about accepting yourself for who you are, being kind and compassionate towards yourself and your values and beliefs.

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