Best Organic Pregnancy Pillows In 2023 [From Personal Experience]

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Last Updated on May 16, 2023 by Saskia Friedrich

Then you’ve come to the right place today!

You have been told that you shouldn’t sleep on your back anymore or you might be a side sleeper anyway. So getting an organic pregnancy pillow is a must. But there are so many options out there – which one should you get?

  • Organic u shaped pregnancy pillow?
  • Pharmedoc organic pregnancy pillow?
  • GOTS certified pregnancy pillow?
  • Organic cotton pregnancy pillow?
  • Non toxic maternity pillow?
  • Organic body pillow?

And the list goes on . . . I know, you feel dizzy and frustrated already. I faced the same problem when I was pregnant and I couldn’t make up my mind which pregnancy pillow to choose.

But what I knew for sure was that it should be organic and free of nasty toxins. I was growing a new life inside of me and would be spending a lot of time near this pillow, so it had to be a non toxic maternity pillow.

Being pregnant isn’t easy but you have an even harder time ahead of you when the baby arrives, so make the most out of getting a good night’s sleep while you can.

Using an organic pregnancy pillow will give your back, hips, and knees relief at night (or when you have a nap) and your belly won’t feel so heavy as you can place it on top of the pillow.

After having made this experience, I want to help you so I have compiled this list of the best organic pregnancy pillows. You can save yourself from wasting time and getting a headache over trying to choose the best natural body pillow for you.

Disclaimer: Some of the links here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

Overview: Best Organic Pregnancy Pillows

organic body pillow

This organic non-toxic pregnancy pillow gave me the support I needed!

What Kind of Organic Pregnancy Pillow Shapes Are There?

  • U-shaped pregnancy pillow – full body length, wraps around your whole body and supports the head, back, knees, and bump
  • C-shaped pregnancy pillow – you can either put it at the front or the back of your body, great to wrap your arms and legs around
  • Rectangular-shaped pregnancy pillow – full body length (depending on the size of it), great to put your belly and legs on
  • Adjustable pregnancy pillows –these are a good option if you can’t decide on which shape to go for as you can easily adjust and form them the way you need for your body
  • Pregnancy pillow wedge – great to slide under your growing bump or to put your knees on

What to Look out for When Buying an Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

Shape and Size

Choosing the shape and size of the organic pregnancy pillow depends on your sleeping preferences, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and the size of your bed.

I enjoyed using the U-shaped pillow during my pregnancy as it gave me full support from head to toe and my back and belly were grateful for the relief.

Removable covers

Having an organic maternity pillow with removable covers is also important as you want to be able to wash it just like you do with your normal pillowcases.


As for the material of the pregnancy pillow, you need to look at the material of the cover and the filling of the pillow to make sure they’re both organic.


The best thing about a pregnancy pillow is that you can use it beyond birth as well. They’re extremely comfortable to be nursing your baby in so make sure to choose one that will last you a while even if that means spending a little bit more money.

organic pregnancy pillow

15 Best Organic Pregnancy Pillow Brands

Here’s my list of the best body pillows for pregnancy! They are all natural, eco-friendly, organic, and non-toxic.

1. bbhugme Pregnancy Body Pillow


95 % Cotton, 5 % Spandex jersey fabric Standard 100 by Oeko-tex class 1 (cover)

TOXPROOF certified and food-grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads (filling)

Shape: Adjustable

Weight: 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)

Dimensions: 59.06 x 7.87 inches

Washable cover: yes


This organic pregnancy pillow is made from non-toxic materials by Scandinavian health professionals (Norway).

It’s highly recommended by midwives and with its unique 5-point support, it comforts the following areas of your body: ankles, belly, knees, lower back, and pelvis.

The filling of the pillow is made from TOXPROOF certified and food-grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. This material is soft, doesn’t weigh much, and comforts your body throughout all stages of your pregnancy and beyond. It’s a great pillow for nursing too.

Another benefit of the polystyrene beads material is that it keeps you cool at night.

bbhugme Pregnancy Body Pillow

organic pregnancy pillow

bbhugme Pregnancy Body Pillow

2. Sleep & Beyond Side Pillow


100% Natural cotton sateen (cover)

Woolly Puffs, pearl sized puffs of soft and springy 100% natural Shropshire wool (filling)

Shape: Adjustable

Weight: High loft

Dimensions: 20x26in (standard),  20x30in (queen)

Washable cover: yes


This organic pillow provides three necessary sleep benefits: health, support and comfort. It also provides extra support and pressure relief for the neck, shoulders and the spine.

Shape it, bend it or position the inner woolly puffs to match your sleeping needs.

The pillow helps you to not overheat at night and it’s naturally hypoallergenic. It also has a 5 year warranty.

organic pregnancy pillows
Sleep & beyond side pillow

3. Yana Luxury Body & Pregnancy Pillow

Materials: Organic Cotton & Bamboo velour (cover), memory foam (filling)

Shape: U-shape

Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.5 kgs)

Dimensions: 55 x 28.5 x 8.15 inches

Washable cover: yes


This U-shape maternity pillow wraps around your body, making you feel like being held. With its memory foam filling, it adapts to the shape and weight of your body and relieves pressure from your joints.

The organic cotton and bamboo velour keep you cool and comfortable at night.

This pillow is perfect to rest your whole body on, from head to toe. You can even share it, so your partner can benefit from it as well.

gots certified pregnancy pillow

4. Moonlight Slumber Full Body Pillow

Materials: Organic Cotton (cover), Fusion Fiberfill – synthetic down (filling)

Shape: U-shape

Weight: 10.4 lbs (4.7 kgs)

Dimensions: 16.8 x 16.3 x 13.3 inches

Washable cover: yes


This organic pregnancy pillow is proudly made in the U.S. and provides a 2-year-coverage with its product lifetime policy.

The oversized U-shaped pillow provides 360-degree support, whether it’s on the couch or in bed.

The pregnancy pillow will never lose its shape if filled with Fusion Fiberfill. Using the synthetic down rather than the real one makes it being hypoallergenic so it’s a great option for people with allergies.

Not only can you wash the covers, but you can also put the whole pillow in the washing machine. However, be mindful that you need quite a large washing machine to do so – you might have to take it to a laundromat. Even after washing, the pillow will stay fluffy and in shape.

non toxic pregnancy pillow

5. Holy Lamb Organic Pregnancy Pillow

Materials: GOTS certified organic wool (filling), organic cotton sateen (cover)

Shape: rectangular-shaped pillow

Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kgs)

Size: 17 x 53 inches

Washable cover: yes


This all-natural pregnancy pillow is made in the U.S. and is a great alternative to the big and bulky kind of pregnancy pillows.

It won’t take up much of your bed and it’s easy to take with you if you’re going away for the weekend (quickly get in that babymoon before it’s too late?).

This maternity pillow will give your hips, knees, and belly relief with its rectangular shape and align your spine so you sleep in a neutral position.

It comes in two different sizes and you can choose if you want to buy it with a washable cover or without.

Bonus: Holy Lamb doesn’t use plastic wrap or synthetic packing materials to ship their body pillows. If you want your pillow to be extra-supported during transportation, you can request it to be packed in a biodegradable bag.

The pillow is spot clean only, but the cover can be washed in cold water.

organic pregnancy pillow

6. Lifekind Certified Organic Cotton Body Pillow

Materials: organic all-cotton or all-wool (filling), ivory sateen (cover)

Shape: Rectangular-shaped-pillow

Weight: not specified

Dimensions: 20 x 60 inches

Washable cover: yes (cover is sold separately)


This body pillow is handmade in the U.S. and comes in two different options.

The all-wool pillow is soft and springy and offers medium support. If you’re looking for a firmer and flatter pillow, then the all-cotton one is the better option for you.

The best care for this pillow is to put it in the sunlight and fresh air for a few hours once in a while. Put baking soda on the pillow and vacuum it up to get rid of any smells. Otherwise, it’s spot clean only.

Organic Pregnancy Pillow

7. Soaring Heart Organic Body Pillow

Materials: Organic wool or organic kapok (filling), organic cotton sateen (case)

Shape: rectangular-shaped-pillow

Weight: 5 lbs (large), 3-3.5 lbs (small); 2.3 kgs (large), 1.4-1.6 kgs (small)

Dimensions: 14 x 64 inches (large), 14 x 46 inches (small)

Washable cover: yes


This maternity pillow is available in two different options, either 100% organic wool (GOTS-certified) or kapok. Kapok is a silky substance that surrounds the seeds of the Ceiba tree.

The organic wool is the better option for you if you like the pillow to be dense and springy whereas you might want to go with the kapok pillow if you want it to be a bit lighter and fluffier.

You can either choose a large or a small-sized pillow.

The pillow cannot be put in the washing machine, it’s spot clean only.

8. White Lotus Home Kapok Sleep Pillow

Materials: 100% vegan kapok (filling), GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen (cover)

Shape: range from square to rectangular

Weight: ranges from 0.8 – 9 lbs (0.4 – 4 kgs) depending on size & filling

Dimensions: 20×26 inches (standard), 20×30 inches (queen), 20×36 inches (king), see website for more sizes

Washable cover: yes


The White Lotus Home pillows come in different sizes, ranging from travel size being the smallest to body size being the largest.

You can also choose if you want the filling to be soft, medium, or firm. The weight ranges from 0.8 lbs to 9 lbs depending on the size and filling of the pillow.

What’s even more special about this hypoallergenic maternity pillow is that it is 100% vegan.

Kapok feels as fluffy as down but the fiber is made from the seeds of the Ceiba tree which is shed seasonally, so there is no machinery included to harvest it.

You can get your pillow with a zippered case to be able to add or remove filling to regulate the firmness.

Pillow care: spot clean only.

9. Organic Textiles Natural Latex Body Pillow

Materials: 100% natural latex (filling), GOTS-certified organic cotton (cover)

Shape: cylindrical 

Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kgs)

Dimensions: 48 x 8 x 8 inches

Washable cover: yes


The latex pillow will always stay in its shape due to its elastic nature.

Containing pinholes, the body pillow gets enough air to be able to keep you cool at night.

This maternity pillow is perfect to release pain in the neck and shoulders and you can even chuck it in the washing machine.

organic pregnancy pillow

10. The Organic Mattress: Pure Joy Organic Pregnancy Wedge

Materials: Latex or Kapok (filling), GOTS-certified organic cotton (cover)

Shape: wedge

Weight: not specified

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 4 inches

Washable cover: yes


This maternity wedge is handmade in the U.S. and you can choose the filling to be either Latex or Kapok.

It is designed to fit under your growing belly and support its weight. It’s also great to wedge between your knees to give support to your hips.

It is the perfect size to take with you when traveling and to nurse for when the baby arrives.

11. The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow

Materials: Kapok (filling), organic cotton sateen (cover)

Shape: cylindrical 

Weight: not specified

Dimensions: 5.5 x 10 inches (adult size), 4.5 x 9 inches (teen size)

Washable cover: yes


This body pillow comes in 4 different fillings:

  1. Hypoallergenic: containing polyfill fiber, all cotton shell
  2. Staph-Check – fluid-proof, medical-grade: containing polyfill fiber
  3. Veggie: containing kapok, all cotton shell
  4. Organic Veggie: containing kapok, organic cotton shell

The Bean body pillow aligns your spine while you sleep and you will wake up in more or less the same position as you feel asleep in without tossing and turning all night.

The pillow is also great to have with you in the delivery room as you try to get into a comfortable position.

It’s handmade in the U.S.

Organic Body Pillow

12. Emeryville Organic Cotton Body Pillow

Materials: organic all-cotton (filling), GOTS-certified organic all-cotton sateen (cover)

Shape: rectangular-sized

Weight: not specified

Dimensions:  20 x 54 inches (junior size), 20 x 72 inches (full size)

Washable cover: yes


All of the Emeryville body pillows are handmade in the U.S. and are eco-friendly, toxic-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic.

They’re breathable pillows so you don’t get too hot at night.

You can order the pillow with or without the zipper to be able to adjust the filling yourself.

Spot clean only.

Air out your pillow once in a while. To get rid of smells, simply put a little bit of baking soda on the pillow.

13. The Futon Shop Organic Body Pillow

Materials: USDA-certified organic cotton batting (filling), GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton (cover)

Shape: rectangular-shaped

Weight: range between 2-7 lbs (0.9 – 3.2 kgs)

Dimensions:  9 x 40 inches or 17 x 53 inches

Washable cover: yes


This maternity pillow contains no toxins and is handmade in San Francisco, U.S.

It’s perfect for pregnant women who seek support for their back, neck, and knees. It will also help you keep your spine and hips in line while you sleep.

The pregnancy pillow even helps with snoring as you will comfortably stay on your side rather than rolling on your back without noticing it.

Don’t wash the pillow itself, but you can wash the cover in cold water and line dry.

14. Savvy Rest Organic Body Pillow

Materials: The Savvy Rest organic pillows come in 4 different types of fillings:

  1. Organic kapok
  2. Organic wool
  3. Natural latex (a mix of Dunlop and Talalay)
  4. Wool-latex

Cover: Organic Cotton

Shape: rectangular-shaped

Weight: ranges from 3.2 lbs – 14 lbs (1.5 – 6.4 kgs) depending on filling and size

Dimensions:  different sizes: 15 x 48 inches, 17 x 52 inches, 20 x 52 inches

Washable cover: yes


These body pillows come in 4 different fillings and all their casings are made of unbleached, naturally-colored organic cotton with a soft flannel finish.

The organic cotton pillowcases are included, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

By using this pregnancy pillow, you can get relief on the lower back, spine, and hips. It helps you with weight distribution and blood circulation.

15. Essentia Wholebody Pillow

Materials: shredded mix of natural memory foam and natural latex (filling), GOTS-certified organic cotton (cover)

Shape: U-shape

Weight: not specified

Dimensions:  not specified

Washable cover: yes


Feel hugged and protected with this great u-shaped maternity pillow which also provides support for nursing your baby.

Not only are your knees, belly, and hips supported but also your neck, head, and back.

Essentia’s factory based in Canada is GOLS- and GOTS-certified so every step of the supply chain is traced.

This pillow won’t pester the air around you as it’s made from natural and organic ingredients. Great for people who have allergies as it doesn’t contain any wool or fiber.

It has a 1-year warranty.

C-shaped maternity pillow

Bonus: Use Organic Cotton Sheets

In addition to using an organic pregnancy pillow, who not use organic cotton sheets as well to make your pregnancy a toxin-free, comfortable, and unique experience?

Sleep & Beyond’s Great Features

Spoil yourself – you deserve it!

At What Week Should You Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

You can start using a maternity pillow as early as you like or as soon as you feel uncomfortable laying down or changing positions during sleep.

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night and trying to get into a comfortable position, then it’s time to start looking at pregnancy pillows.

You will probably feel like using one around the 20-week mark when your belly gets bigger.

How Do You Use a Body Pillow?

Depending on the shape of the pregnancy pillow, it can be used to put behind you, in front of you, or to wedge between your knees.

The U-shape pillow wraps around you so your back and belly are supported simultaneously and you feel like you’re being hugged.

Now, let’s dive into the different brands to see what kind of non-toxic and organic pregnancy pillows are on offer.

FAQs to Best Organic Pregnancy Pillow

Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow in the First Trimester?

You don’t necessarily need a pregnancy pillow in the first trimester but you will appreciate having one handy when you start to feel uncomfortable (which sometimes happens quicker than you think).

A pregnancy pillow helps you support your hips and knees, your belly, and your back.

Can I Sleep On My Stomach When Pregnant?

You can sleep on your stomach in the first phase of your pregnancy. Later on, you can still do so but it might become too uncomfortable. A pregnancy pillow helps you rest your belly on top of it to reduce weight and pressure.

How Many Hours Should a Pregnant Woman Sleep?

For pregnant women, it is recommended to sleep between 7 and 9 hours at night. You might find that you need to sleep longer and that’s ok. Craving a nap halfway through the day is completely normal as well.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy An Organic Maternity Pillow?

Buying an organic body pillow during pregnancy is not a luxury, it’s a must. It can help you with many physical issues you experience, for example:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Keeping your spine inline
  • Less snoring
  • Less tossing and turning
  • Keeping you cool
  • Weight distribution of your growing belly

It ultimately lets you have a good night’s sleep so you’re ready to face the next day in a better mood and shape.

Once the baby arrives, you can also use the body pillow to nurse, so the organic version gives you peace of mind that it won’t harm your baby in any way as you will spend a lot of time using this pillow.

You also help to work towards a more sustainable environment by opting for an organic pillow.

I hope this guide will help you choose the perfect organic pregnancy pillow for you and bubs.

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Organic Pregnancy Pillow: The Ultimate Guide to Help You Find the Right One

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