Best Gentle Parenting Books for a Stress-free Family Life

gentle parenting books

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Whether you are a new parent and you want to make everything ‘right’ from the start or you are at your wits end when it comes to parenting: gentle parenting is a great approach to raise your child.

What Is Considered Gentle Parenting?

Gentle parenting is a parenting approach that is based on a partnership between the child and the parent.

Instead of the parent telling the child what to do, a gentle parent involves the child when it comes to making decisions. The parent listens and understands the child and respects his choices.

Gentle parenting doesn’t welcome punishment or pressure, but still follows discipline and boundaries. Gentle parents want to be a good role model for their child and encourage empathy and emotions.

Does this sound like a great parenting style to you but you are not sure where to start?

Let’s dive right into my list of gentle parenting books – I hope you’ll find the perfect one to help you achieve a better and more peaceful way of parenting your child.

Best Gentle Parenting Books for a Stress-Free Family Life

Gentle Parenting books

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Books by Amy McCready

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable,

Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

gentle parenting books

If I Have to Tell You One More Time…: The Revolutionary Program That Gets

Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling

gentle parenting books

Books by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and

Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. / Mary Hartzell

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your

Child’s Developing Mind

gentle parenting books

No-Drama Discipline: the whole-brain way to calm the chaos and nurture

your child’s developing mind

gentle parenting books

The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child

gentle parenting books

Parenting from the Inside Out: How a Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You

Raise Children Who Thrive

gentle parenting books

Books by L.R. Knost

The Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical, Effective Discipline

gentle parenting books

Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages

gentle parenting books

Books by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

The Gentle Discipline: Using Emotional Connection–Not Punishment–to Raise

Confident, Capable Kids

gentle parenting books

The Gentle Sleep Book: Gentle, No-Tears, Sleep Solutions for Parents of

Newborns to Five-Year-Olds

positive discipline

The Gentle Potty Training Book: The calmer, easier approach to toilet training

gentle parenting books

The Gentle Eating Book: Easier, Calmer Approach to Feeding Your Child and

Solving Common Eating Problems

gentle discipline

The Gentle Parenting Book: How to raise calmer, happier children from birth to seven

positive parenting

Books by Janet Lansbury

No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame

gentle parenting books

Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting

gentle parenting books

Books by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish/

Julie King

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

respectful parenting

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to Life with

Children Ages 2-7

gentle parenting books

Siblings Without Rivalry: Help your children live together so you can live too

gentle parenting books

Books by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake

Parenting Scripts: When What You’re Saying Isn’t Working, Say Something New

happy children

Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

gentle parenting books

Books by Various Authors

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

(The Peaceful Parent Series), by Dr. Laura Markham

peaceful parenting

Sage Parenting: Honored and Connected (Sage Family), by Rachel Rainbolt

gentle parenting books

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life – Empathy, Collaboration,

Authenticity, Freedom, by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

gentle parenting books

Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life,

by Susan David, PhD

gentle parenting books

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children,

by Shefali Tsabary, PhD

gentle parenting books

Balanced and Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong,

Confident, and Capable Children, by Angela J. Hanscom

gentle parenting books

The Attachment Parenting Book: A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and

Nurturing Your Baby, by William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears, R.N.

attachment parenting

Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers,

by Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., and Gabor Mate, M.D.

gentle parenting books

The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting

Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children, by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.

gentle parenting books

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer,

Happier, and More Secure Kids, by Kim John Payne, MED, with Lisa M. Ross

gentle parenting books

Differently Wired: A Parent’s Guide to Raising an Atypical Child with

Confidence and Hope, by Deborah Reber

gentle parenting books

Parenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World,

by Teresa Graham Brett

gentle parenting books

Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent, by Iris Chen

gentle parenting books

Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting

and Raising Kind, Confident Kids, by Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE

raising good humans

Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishment to Love and Reason,

by Alfie Kohn

unconditional parenting

The 5 Love Languages Of Children: The Secret To Loving Children Effectively,

by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

gentle parenting books

The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About

Raising Confident, Capable Kids, by Jessica Joelle Alexander and Iben Dissing Sandahl

gentle parenting books

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting,

by Pamela Druckerman

gentle parenting books

Screamfree Parenting: How to Raise Amazing Adults by Learning to Pause More and

React Less, by Hal Runkel, LMFT

non-violent parenting

1-2-3 Magic: The New 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting,

by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D.

gentle parenting books

Positive Discipline: The Classic Guide to Helping Children Develop Self-Discipline,

Responsibility, Cooperation, and Problem-Solving Skills, by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.

gentle parenting books

Families Where Grace is in Place: Building a Home Free of Manipulation,

Legalism, and Shame, by Jeff VanVonderen

gentle parenting books

The Gentle Art of Communicating with Kids, Toddlers to Teens,

by Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D.

gentle parenting books

The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family,

by Karyn B. Purvis, David Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine

effective communication with child

Grace Based Parenting: Set Your Familiy Free, by Dr. Tim Kimmel

gentle parenting books

Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense,

Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic, by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

gentle parenting books

Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach,

by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley

gentle parenting books

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Practice Gentle Parenting?

Here are the 4 core elements of gentle parenting:

1. Understanding

This means understanding your child and the different phases they are going through. It also means realizing that your child’s brain is still developing and that they can’t always act the way you would like them to.

Children need to learn first how to react in certain situations and how to control their feelings.

2. Empathy

Children need to be able to feel that we are there for them – physically and emotionally.

3. Respect

Respecting your child goes hand in hand with empathizing with them. Don’t talk down on them and don’t make them feel bad for acting the way they do or the choices they make.

Treat your child the way you would like to be treated by your child.

4. Boundaries

Setting boundaries for your child is an important element of gentle parenting as well. Your child needs your guidance to grow and learn what to expect in life.

Is Gentle Parenting Effective?

There’s no doubt about gentle parenting being very effective.

Gentle parenting contributes to a peaceful family life and has a huge positive snowball effect.

Is It Too Late to Start Gentle Parenting?

I personally believe that it’s never too late to change something for the better.

Of course, the earlier you start, the better but if you truly believe in gentle parenting, just jump straight in and try to become a better parent a little bit each day. You will soon discover the positive changes in your child and the impact it has on your family life.

What Do Gentle Parents Believe?

Gentle parents believe that yelling, screaming, hitting and punishing doesn’t help in raising a good human being. Gentle parents want their child to be happy and kind. And this can only be achieved when parents stay calm and treat their child with the respect they deserve.

Final Thoughts on Best Gentle Parenting Books

I hope my ultimate list of the best gentle parenting books helped you choosing the right one for you to start your journey of becoming a gentle parent.

It’s great to see that you want to live a peaceful life and raise your child in a positive way. Some days will be hard, but every day it will become a little easier.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – I wish you all the best!

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Best Gentle Parenting Books To Live a Peaceful Family Life

gentle parenting books
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