7 Simple Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms When Feeling Overwhelmed

Self care ideas for moms

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Do you feel burnt out and have no time for yourself? Are you looking for self care ideas for moms?

I get you! Life with a child is so busy. It feels like the only things you do is look after your baby or toddler, work and keep the household running.

This is frustrating and exhausting. It makes you being unsatisfied with your life.

I used to be just like you and it took me a while to realize that sometimes I just have to put my needs first. And that you can only be a good parent if you’re happy and feeling comfortable. You need to be pleased with yourself and the way you’re living your life.

Self Care Ideas for Moms

self care ideas for moms

1. Make Time for Yourself

My first self care idea for moms seems simple, (of course we want time to ourselves), but it’s effective if you stick to it.

Pick something you like doing, whether it’s a certain type of sport, getting your nails done or catching up with a friend for a coffee or dinner. Maybe you just want to go for a walk by yourself, go shopping or meditate.

Make it a weekly or fortnightly ritual that on a certain day of the week you will be doing whatever you like. You can also make a list of all the different things you want to do. Tick them off once done and keep adding new activities whenever they cross your mind.

I’m into hiking so I plan on going away for a weekend just by myself to check out the mountain range a couple of hours drive from home. Looking forward to this trip already gets me excited.

Have a chat to your partner, your parents or in-laws to discuss this and check if they would be okay to look after your little one on those certain days.

Use that special day or those few hours you have to do what you love. Don’t let housework or errands get in the way of that.

Your life shouldn’t stop only because you’ve had a baby. And your purpose in life is not to look after your little one or clean the house every minute of the day. You need to throw some me-time into that mix as well.

Once you’ve spent a little bit of time apart from your child, you will enjoy the time more that you have with them.

Look after Yourself as a Busy Mom

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2. Be Conscious Throughout the Day

Not only should you take a certain day for yourself but you should also be conscious and practice self-care as a busy mom throughout the day.

Life with a baby or toddler can get so busy sometimes, you forget to eat properly or even have a sip of water.

You’re so wrapped up in preparing food for your child, you only end up having snacks in between or you have the leftovers your little one didn’t want to eat.

Does this sound familiar?

Sit down, have a cup of coffee or some water and think about what YOU would like to eat and take the time to prepare and enjoy it. This is a way of looking after yourself as well. If you want to be physically fit to look after your child you need to feed your body good stuff. Even more so, if you’re still breastfeeding.

Have your baby/toddler in the kitchen with you, spread their favourite toys around them and put some relaxing music on while preparing some yummy food for yourself.

Taking care of yourself and being conscious about your well-being also means to not wear yourself out.

Sometimes you get caught up so much in running your errands and looking after your child that you don’t notice how exhausted you are.

Again, sit down and have a 10-minute rest. It’ll go a long way and will give you enough energy for the rest of the day.

3. Divide the Work at Home

Does it feel like you’re the only one at home doing the cleaning, food shopping AND cooking?

If you’re a single mom, maybe you have a friend or your family live close-by who can help out every now and then to take the weight off your shoulders?

Sometimes other people, even the ones within your own family, don’t realise how much you actually do every day and how stressed you are because of it.

You just need to make the first step and initiate that quiet but serious conversation to make them understand.

And I’m sure after that talk they will be happy to help you.

Look after Yourself as a Busy Mom
Do what you love!

4. Don’t Give up on Your Career

To look after yourself as a busy mom also means looking after your personal and professional education.

Do you find yourself keep thinking about wanting to go back to Uni, taking an online course to upskill or going for a certain job?

You don’t have to do anything straight away but having a plan in place is a good start.

I mean, how can you teach your child something if you don’t keep learning anything new?

So, there’s absolutely no need to be guilty about progressing your professional development.

There are so many opportunities out there to be working or studying from home so you can cut the commute and be home most of your time.

self care ideas for moms

5. Make the Time Worthwhile

You’re a busy mom. There are so many things going on during the day.

Make the time you have worthwhile.

So, while your child is happily playing, why not do something you like even if it’s just for 10 minutes?

I know, the kitchen looks like a mess and the washing needs folding up. Forget about that for a minute.

Now it’s time to practice some self-care. Because after those 10 minutes, the chance of some me-time will most likely be gone for the next hours.  

Grab a book or do some stretches. Or just sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea (or wine?). Whatever you feel like.

Most of the times children are happy if you’re just close-by. You don’t necessarily have to play with them the whole time.

Sometimes they are even happy to join in with your exercises so you can get some of your workout done while being with your child.

You could even encourage them to look at a book themselves while you read yours.

Whatever the situation may be, try to use even just those 5-10 minutes in between to calm down, breathe and look after yourself in the way that feels right for you.

6. Don’t Forget About Your Mental Health

“Healthy Body – Healthy Mind”

This is what I keep reminding myself of. None of the two can perform without the other.

Don’t underestimate the signs your body gives you. If you have a headache or feel exhausted, this is the moment you should pause and recognize how you’re really going. Listen to your body and have a rest.

Make sure you have supportive people around you who you can always call and talk to. This might be your mum, your best friend or even your neighbor.

Don’t keep all your worries to yourself, you need to talk to someone about it. This will make you feel much better and those people might have some good advice for you in case you need it.

Look after Yourself as a Busy Mom
Make Time for Yourself!

7. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Last but not least: don’t worry so much and don’t be too hard on yourself.

There will ALWAYS be something to do around the house, the work never stops. So, what does it matter if you do it now, later or tomorrow?

If you’re too exhausted or just don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom, do it tomorrow. Or even the day after. It won’t make a difference.

It’s more important to look after your well-being because your family appreciates it more you being healthy and in a good mood rather than the bathroom being clean.

Us moms are usually the ones who set the benchmark too high. It’s not our child coming to us saying: “Hey mom, the bathroom is pretty dirty, any chance you can clean that today?” Right?!

Put your health and well-being first. It’s so important to look after yourself as a busy mom.

Don’t wear yourself out and take care!

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7 Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

self care ideas for moms
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